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Prosun Prodhan

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Hi, its prosun from Calcutta (Kolkata), India.

Currently I am working for Webel Informatics Ltd, Kolkata as a RHCE Instructor. My area of interests are Linux specially RH/Fedora. I have also checked several distros for end-users (e.g. DreamLinux, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, SUSE and many more).

I have started my Linux with Redhat6.2 with my junior friend Rupak (Linux Guide), later used RH7.1,7.2,7.3,8,9, and Fedora Family. RH7.1 at that time best on my P-I (32MRAM), and the system is still running RH8.0 without any errors.

I am mainly black screen user, and like to system troubleshoot, and C programming. Whenever I needs to concentrate I take help of 'C' first.


at WIL we provide various corporate trainings on Linux, conduct trainings at colleges, distribute Linux CD/DVDs free.

Since last few years we started providing open-source training for college students as their projects. Projects include LinuxBasics, WebServer, MailServer, LTSP, FTPServer, CMS, Blog etc.

'After giving so much effort, still now I am unable to remove HalfCloseDoor OS from my office boss' systems (hope in near future I will be able to run Linux on their systems).'

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Thanks Susmit
Being a black screen user, I took help of your page to create my page