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Ambassador - Henry Jurkauskas

Having spent last 10 years working with different Linux and UNIX flavors across different industries I was always returning to Fedora as a foundation where cutting-edge innovations would settle in before they are embedded into RHEL. I am currently enjoying DevOps and more than happy to share experienced case studies/lessons-learned along with examples on how Fedora excelled and saved me lots of time.

Please feel free to drop me a line using the contact details - below. Should you need my assistance to remote into your hosts please find the below RSA public key. Any sensitive data related to your access, configuration should be secured using my PGP key.

RSA public key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA4Tfp3lItA4dAeESaEhxXB33YQJD6/dvYYwL1aV1W/E5Pa1Cy0Lw9b9F2StstIQSKxYMQbFuqD7q5YmAcFJI5yLzCuJkBBEuv2HWacZjURI0JiezQFgFmAbyP7ffcjyaX5fesxE7zQ5PxYt8Afq102vBXGvoJqe1e/0cel0H0aT9PVPQQacq3CGcLSAc2xuxdShDjv+wK88ZoKfHgMsvf+TZW1lGUO48VyEIYnOg5xEPsWhT7UQUPeRVq6Vz1rWXcQh+S6Y0pTvEcko/CrjiiAqyE6DP7ot/68eqc577Q753jArhbxfvLuRz9+UHIlHx8qEVw8n8UPNSUOwPpzBQKw== sinonime@ppee


  • ergeneral[X] where X stands for @.
  • 'PGP key' : [1]

Area of Interest

DC transformations, Containerisation, Big Data