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Henry Jurkauskas

After sufficiently long period of work with IBM AIX, HP UX and Sun/Oracle Solaris platforms I am finally back on track which made servers’ deployment so much more comfortable and interesting. I find Fedora step ahead when it comes to innovations and not surprised that quite a few OSS ideas succeeded and were embedded as enterprise standards when it cames to optimisation and efficiency within areas such as low-latency. Any questions coming from finance and science - do not hesitate to get in touch, any req. assistance with your projects - import my RSA keys and we will share mutual ‘screen’ session.

Public key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA4Tfp3lItA4dAeESaEhxXB33YQJD6/dvYYwL1aV1W/E5Pa1Cy0Lw9b9F2StstIQSKxYMQbFuqD7q5YmAcFJI5yLzCuJkBBEuv2HWacZjURI0JiezQFgFmAbyP7ffcjyaX5fesxE7zQ5PxYt8Afq102vBXGvoJqe1e/0cel0H0aT9PVPQQacq3CGcLSAc2xuxdShDjv+wK88ZoKfHgMsvf+TZW1lGUO48VyEIYnOg5xEPsWhT7UQUPeRVq6Vz1rWXcQh+S6Y0pTvEcko/CrjiiAqyE6DP7ot/68eqc577Q753jArhbxfvLuRz9+UHIlHx8qEVw8n8UPNSUOwPpzBQKw== sinonime


  • ergeneral[X] where X stands for @.
  • 'GPG key' : [1]



Area of Interest

Data center expansion, optimisation and migration after acquisition, private and hybrid clouds integration with/(in) other layers of organisation.