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Mohamed Zaian

Hi, my name is Mohamed omar Zaian, i started using Linux earlier in 2002, got introduced by Ubuntu later when Dapper released, from this time and on i use Ubuntu at Home and also at Work we have many Servers & Desktop machines running Ubuntu, i have many contributions to Ubuntu & the Open Source World, I’m Ubuntu LoCo Team Administrator also I am a senior member of EGLUG (Egypt GNU/Linux User Group) , i am working hard to enhance the availability of LINUX/FOSS and Ubuntu helped me a lot to achieve many of this goals.

I’m deeply involved in work, working hard to gain more experience ..

I am graduated from faculty of social work Alexandria University 07.

I currently work as a Linux Systems Administrator for the leading e-mail services provider in Middle East.


Activities within Fedora

  • Co-organizer of series of sessions in Bibliotheque Alexandria in 2008.

- Introduction to FOSS - Ubuntu installation - Beginners Command Line Session

  • Co-organizer of A GNU/Linux Installfest in Alexandria in 2009.Egypt GNU/Linux User Group Installfest 2009.
  • Member of Egypt loco Launchpad team.
  • Member of Launchpad Beta Testers
  • Senior Member of (Egypt GNU/Linux User Group).
  • Active in channels and on lists IRC #ubuntu-eg , #eglug.
  • Testing Of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
  • Testing of several Open Source applications included in Ubuntu. * Some words about your involvement in Fedora, your plans, ideas, etc.
  • For example, if you are into translations, the languages you are working on; if you are into docs, the docs you are interested in, etc.