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FY 2010


Dates Event description Location Assessment Cost
 ??? Office visit Westford, MA 2 - Can be eliminated first if budget is tight. Cost incl. hotel and rental car[1]. $1200
March 10-12, 2009 FOSE 2009 Washington, DC 1 - Booth work, but good for metro area marketing. Cost is just a couple commuter train tickets and sundries. $0
May 12-14, 2009 F11 marketing Raleigh, NC 1 - Meet with Red Hat marketing personnel to ensure F11 press coverage is thorough and effective. $600
June 13, 2009 Southeast LinuxFest Greenville, SC 1 - Trying to get keynote. An event much like OLF, with representatives from some major FOSS communities like Mozilla and Novell. $800
June 17-19, 2009 Open Source Bridge Portland, OR 2 - New event, better alternative to OSCON $1000?
June 21-29, 2009 LinuxTag 2009 Berlin, Germany 1 - Major European event, complete with FUDCon EMEA 2009 $2200
Late July? Office visit Westford, MA 2 - Can be eliminated first if budget is tight $1200
September 1-4, 2009 Red Hat Summit/JBoss World Chicago, IL 1 - Major customer/partner/ecosystem event, Fedora presence (possible FAD?) $1400
September 19, 2009 Atlanta LinuxFest Atlanta, GA 2 - Fedora presence $700 (Max to fund)
October 8-10, 2009 Utah Open Source Conference 2009 Salt Lake City, UT 1 - Major regional event, Fedora presence (possible FAD?) $1000
TBD FUDCon NA 2010 TBD 1 - Major Fedora North American event $1000? (funding covered)
  1. Why not stay with someone for BOS visits? Because that means I get radically less work done. The extra cost is the difference between getting things done, and starting off the next week almost a week behind.

FY 2009


Top 4 Events
Events which are planned to include community leaders from several major distros are marked Community Leader Panel. The four most important events which I think would be shameful for me to miss are marked Top 4.
April 1-3, 2008 FOSE 2008 - Largest Federal government trade show. Relatively local, only costs a couple train tickets, maybe $20-30 total. Appear at booth and promote Fedora to potential FOSS users, including DoD, NASA, DoE, other places where we know Linux uptake is very high. Super-low cost since it's local, under $100 for the duration? Washington, DC No-brainer for the cost $200
May 26-31, 2008 LinuxTag 2008 - Top 4. It's VITAL that we energize the EMEA community this year, not just from CommunityArchitecture perspective but because of everything we see on the maps . The Ambassadors have already secured space for a day-long FUDCon at LinuxTag; this will be a MAJOR event. Spot currently has technical talks scheduled, and I've been asked to do a talk or FUDCon keynote. Berlin, Germany Vital for FPL $2000
MaxSpevack (will already be local)
June 19-21, 2008 FUDCon Boston 2008 - Top 4. I'm listing this because I might not have moved to New England and thus there may be a cost associated with my attending this event. I don't think anyone sees this as optional! ;-) The cost depends on whether I've moved by then. Max: also, Paul is my co-organizer for the event. Boston, MA No-brainer $1000/$200
Lots of Fedora folks
July 21-25, 2008 OSCON 2008 - I've already submitted a conference talk on building and improving community in FOSS distros, but have not heard about acceptance yet. This conference reaches a much wider audience than just Linux users. Also features influential thinkers from other communities of use. Co-located with "Ubuntu Live," so we are making our presence felt by attending. A "big thought" conference, and other than the Top 4, the one I most want to attend. Nevertheless, we have JackAboutboul attending from CommunityArchitecture, and JohnPoelstra is also local. Update: Talk rejected, so less pressing to go. Portland, OR Would like to go $$-$$$
August 4-7, 2008 LinuxWorld 2008 SF - Large commercial show. Usually lots of .org pavilion action too. JackAboutboul is attending. San Francisco, CA Not vital for FPL $$-$$$
August 28-30, 2008 Utah Open Source Conference (UTOSC) 2008 - Community Leader Panel. This is the latest entry on my calendar. Bigger than the last FUDCon and attracts people like Matt Asay as keynoters. Out of the two "community leader panel" shows, this is my preference since it will likely seed more Fedora grassroots work. We don't have any other RHT folks going yet. Salt Lake City, UT Would like to go $800?
October 11, 2008 Ohio LinuxFest 2008 - Top 4. One of the (if not the) biggest community Linux shows in North America. Excellent local leadership potential. Huge audience and developer interest potential here, so Fedora must have a big presence at this show. It would be nice if Spot (or another engineer) could attend as well, given the size. Columbus, OH Vital for FPL $600?
October 23-24, 2008 FSOSS 2008 - Top 4. Sponsored by the group with whom CommunityArchitecture is piloting a funded FOSS university syllabus. The on-site professor, ChrisTyler, is involved in Fedora, and this would be a good opportunity to extend our search for university-based talent. Toronto, Canada Vital for FPL $800?
January 2009 FUDCon Boston 2009 - Community event to be held at BU or another Boston-local location. Because of coordination requirements and the commute, I probably need to stay at the hotel, splitting a room with someone. Boston, MA Vital for FPL $600?

Regular Meetings

Monday 10:00 am Community Architecture meeting Phone
Monday 3:00 pm John Poelstra re: program status Phone
Tuesday 2:00 pm Fedora Project Board meeting Phone
Wednesday (alt) 9:00 am Tim Burke re: status reporting Phone
Wednesday 3:00 pm Fedora Documentation meeting IRC #fedora-meeting
Thursday 10:00 am RHEL 5 product managers meeting Phone
Thursday 4:00 pm Fedora Marketing meeting IRC #fedora-mktg
Friday 10:00 am Engineering staff meeting Phone
Friday 11:00 am Fedora program meeting Phone
Friday 3:00 pm Red Hat Summit meeting Phone
1st Thursday 7:00 pm FredLUG meeting IRL
4th Saturday 9:00 am FredLUG meeting IRL

Trying to combine Engineering + Community to minimize overlap

FUDCon Boston & RH Summit

  • All the Westford locals come to FUDCon, obviously (no travel costs).
  • Paul Frields comes to FUDCon (engineering travel $).
  • Mike McGrath must come to FUDCon (engineering travel $).
  • Max & Greg will be there as well (community travel $).

Linux Fest Northwest

  • Jesse Keating (no cost to Tim's budget).


  • Paul Frields (local, almost zero cost to attend).

Community One

  • Karsten Wade (local, Marketing pays for Karsten anyway).


  • Greg & Spot (community travel $ pays for both).


  • Max (will already be in Europe).
  • Paul (critical for the FPL to be in Europe once per year, requires engineering travel $).
  • Max will handle everything else in Europe.


  • John Poelstra (local)
  • Jack Aboutboul (community travel $)
  • would be nice to have 1 of Paul/Mike/Spot at this event (requires engineering travel $).

Ottawa Linux Symposium

  • Spot (requires engineering travel budget).
  • Jesse (shouldn't require any of Tim's budget).
  • Who else from Tim's org is going? It's normally very well attended.