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This page lists some of the responsibilities of Fedora Engineering team members. The team is under the direct supervision of Tom 'spot' Callaway. This page is likely to deprecate quickly, and isn't meant to create assignments or requirements for anyone. It's for short-term reference of the new FPL only and can be discarded when he's done with it. (IRC nicks shown where needed in parentheses.)

Mairin Duffy (mizmo)

  • Location: Westford
  • Fedora Design team lead
    • Grow Fedora Design community
    • Identify future leadership
    • Develop and document applicable standards for community use
  • Develop UI for RH-driven codebases that are appearing in Fedora

Current projects:

Chuck Ebbert (cebbert)

  • Location: Westford (once in a while)
  • Fedora kernel team
    • Track upstream development
    • Identify and resolve bugs
    • Backports where required, rebasing to bring in new features

Dave Jones (davej)

  • Location: Westford
  • Fedora kernel team (lead)

Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999)

  • Location: Sacramento, CA area
  • Fedora infrastructure
    • Grow Fedora Infrastructure community team
    • Care and feeding of pkgdb, FAS
    • Maintain python-fedora and numerous Python libs important to infrastructure stacks

Luke Macken (lmacken)

  • Location: Westford (sometimes)
  • Fedora infrastructure and tools
    • LiveUSB Creator, Bodhi, Moksha, Fedora Community app principal engineer
    • TurboGears maintenance
    • Work with RIT and other entities on gov't transparency initiatives (q.v. Moksha)

David Malcolm (dmalcolm)

  • Location: Westford
  • Fedora and RHEL 6 Python maintainer
    • Python 2.x and 3.x core stacks, upstream Python core maintainer

Michael McGrath (mmcgrath)

  • Location: Chicago area
  • Fedora infrastructure lead
    • Grow Fedora Infrastructure community team
    • Architect and build out systems, direct other infrastructure team activities as needed
    • Primary PoC for most infrastructure problems
    • Work with Red Hat IT dept. where necessary to resolve issues

Kyle McMartin (kylem)

  • Location: Ottawa, CAN
  • Fedora kernel team
    • Focus on rawhide and desktop integration

John 'J5' Palmieri

  • Location: Westford
  • AMQP JS and Python bindings maintainer
  • Fedora Community app engineer

Stephen Smoogen (smooge)

  • Location: Albuquerque, NM
  • Fedora infrastructure team
    • Grow Fedora Infrastructure community team
    • Alternate PoC for infrastructure problems
    • Buildouts in cahoots with mmcgrath
    • Infrastructure sponsor for Fedora Insight

Seth Vidal (skvidal)

  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Fedora infrastructure & tools
    • Maintainer of yum for Fedora and co-maintainer for RHEL
    • Work with BaseOS team on features for RHN and sys mgmt
    • Infrastructure troubleshooting

Ricky Zhou (rzhou)

  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA (CMU student)
  • PT intern
  • Websites lead and tools engineer