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This document is somewhat of a brain dump to encourage the Board's outlining of more specific principles and strategies that will help Fedora achieve its mission, as stated on the Overview page. The spirit of collaboration requires that the community and the Project leadership share some general bedrock principles that establish the Project's overall direction.

Some of this material may appear on the Objectives page in different form.


These principles follow from the mission statement, and the Foundations which are our core values.

  • The Project pursues innovative features that evolve free software, even if that introduces change to users from release to release. We encourage policies that ensure that users of a specific release are not unduly affected by unexpected change.
  • Fedora is not a platform intended for long-term compatibility and maintenance, since those solutions require substantial additional manpower and resources (q.v. RHEL). Community maintenance, however, is open to anyone, and the Fedora Project does not discourage independent side projects to promote this use.
  • The Project prefers quality over quantity; selected, well-maintained software over a vast dumping ground; and building on existing best-of-breed components to brand-new, bottom-up solutions wherever possible.
  • All contributors must be allowed to pursue their individual visions, but the Project is not required to accept the results where they do not align with the Project's direction.