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Rajmahendra Hegde (Raj)

Let me introduce myself before I brief about anything in detail. Basically from Chennai known as Raj, software engineer working on various platform like Java, J2EE, FOSS/OS tools supporting projects mainly in agile methodology , good exposure of FoSS/OS Tools. 2 years experience in the fileld of RedHat linux based on java development with MySQL, Oracle etc. I find this it user friendly and hence interested to work on RedHat linux. I have good exposure and strong knowledge in Java but was still interested and wanted to explore in the world of free software! During my leisure time I help my friends to use and motivate them to use FOSS. To some extent and to my knowledge I found that many of my friends has helped them to acquire and learn on blog ,hosting them in LAMP and helped to migrate to FOSS .

I have strong belief that FOSS is the future!

I use Fedora at home. I have installed Fedora 12 (only!) in my laptop. If my friend feel that Linux is user friendly just suggest and wish them to migrate to Linux.


  • Email: rajmahendra.linux at gmail dot com
  • IRC: ID: rajmahendra can be seen in @ #fedora or #fedora-india
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • VoIP SIP Address:
  • Fedora Account: rajmahendra on the Fedora Account System
  • Blog:
  • Twitter: @rajmahendra

Activities within Fedora

  • I post bug everyday and participate in the bug conversation.
  • Subscribe in some mailing list and discuss with people
  • I help people around me to shift to FOSS/OS/Linux.
  • Help some people using Java tools in Linux/Fedora.