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Antonio Trande
Antonio Trande
Personal information
Location: Salento, Italy
Email: {{{email}}}
Birthday: December,5 1980
GPG-Key: 565E653C
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fas-name: sagitter
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Twitter: antoniotrande {{{}}}
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IRC: sagitter on
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My adventure with Linux began by chance in 2006, when intrigued by this unfamiliar world, i did search about it. Early, a screenshot captured me: that of 'Fedora core 6 Zod'. After some years, I am earning a small place directly in the Fedora Project.
I worked in the pharmaceutical industries as chemist, researcher, production operator, start-up of processing so I'm inclined to the testing and packaging of the scientific/chemical/mathematical open source software.

Work in progress:

- In my notebook I use CentOS 6, Fedora stable release.
- I have a personal blog to talk, inform, share my experiences with Fedora:
- I have translations in Italian Translation Team of Fedora Project
- Fedora Ambassador in my free time.
- Fedora Packager to contribute directly to the Project

Packages for Fedora

Proposed packages for Fedora

  • moc Music on Console - Console audio player for Linux/UNIX v2.5beta1 Bug2531
  • MUMPS MUMPS implements a direct solver for large sparse linear systems Bug913152
  • metis Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering Bug920512
  • ScoPy Python application to play to Scopa, Italian card game Bug890859
  • Ipopt Large-scale optimisation solver <del>Bug908089 See Bug894604
  • xgraph XGraph with animation Bug908090
  • ascend ASCEND modelling environment Bug908088
  • snappy An open-source Gnome media player Bug947640
  • F1LT Unofficial Formula 1 live timing application Bug962236
  • qgifer A video-based animated GIF creator Bug979702
  • ProDy Application for protein structure, dynamics and sequence analysis Bug996222
  • mMass - Open Source Mass Spectrometry Tool Bug1002251
  • rodent-icon-theme - SVG scalable icon theme by Rodent Bug1016803
  • tubo - Library to thread process std-in/std-err/std-out from fork() child Bug1016807
  • librfm - Rodent file manager primary library functionality Bug1018568
  • Rodent - Advanced user file manager for Linux/BSD systems Bug1016809
  • engauge-digitizer - Convert graphs or map files into numbers Bug1028741
  • ePiX - Utilities for mathematically accurate figures Bug1043305
  • icecat - GNU version of Firefox browser Bug1048493
  • telegram-cli - Linux Command-line interface for Telegram Bug1074046
  • autowrap - Generates Python Extension modules from [Cython] PXD files Bug1103420
  • seqan - Open source C++ library of efficient algorithms and data structures Bug1105730
  • openms - Open-source software C++ library for LC/MS data management and analyses Bug1114737
  • freesteam - Calculate the properties of water and steam Bug1120791
  • XTandem - X!TANDEM Spectrum Modeler Bug1147922
  • mozilla-requestpolicy - Firefox and Seamonkey extension that gives you control over cross-site requests Bug1128754
  • smuxi - Powerful, flexible, user-friendly chat client Bug1177926
  • libsbw - C++ Broker library Bug1177958
  • libsedml - Library that fully supports SED-ML for SBML Bug1177857
  • assimulo - Ordinary differential and differential algebraic equations solver Bug1215354

My packages in Fedora

See packages list

Packages reviewed and approved

See the list

Packages which I taken under revision

See the list

My projects in Copr


I created a project in Copr that I need for providing updated RPMs for ProDy in EPEL6. For more info, read this post.

ProDy-EPEL6 repository on Copr.


I'm working to the RPM packaging of MOC player (Music On Consol player) released with license GPLv2. This software cannot be included in the official Fedora repositories; MOC depends by some RPMs located outside of official repositories (FFmpeg,libmad).

You can now get MOC by installing RPMFusion repositories and by executing the command

yum install moc 

Additional testing packages:


Fedora Project wiki pages translated

Following there are listed all wiki pages translated and maintained in Italian:

Fedora_Project_Wiki/it * Ambassadors/it * Architectures/ARM/it * Architectures/ARM/F20/Installation/it * BugZappers/it * Chromium/it * Design/it * Docs Project/it * EPEL/it * FedoraLiveCD/it * FedUp/it * How to create a GNU Hello RPM package/it * How to create an RPM package/it * How to create and use Live USB/it * Magazine/it * I18N/it * Upgrading Fedora using yum/it * Infrastructure/it * Package_Maintainers/it * Systemd/it * L10N/it * Websites/it

Projects currently under translation on Transifex

Document or Software Translator Proof-reader Status
[firewalld] Re-submitted
[Fedora Security Guide] Re-submitted
[Fedora UEFI Secure Boot Guide] Antonio Trande Completed
[Fedora (18) Release Notes] Antonio Trande Gianluca Sforna Completed
[Fedora Packager's Guide] Antonio Trande Completed
[Anaconda] Re-submitted
[comps] Re-submitted