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Personal Information
Home: India
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: siddharths
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: 77162B29
IRC: siddvicious on Freenode in
#kde-in #plasma #fedora-kde #fedora #fedora-social #offsec #metasploit #corelan
Badges (32)

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I work as a Software Engineer in Red Hat Product Security. I like to code in C,C++, write patches, do research and analysis for security bugs. In past I did some projects in Google Summer of Code [KDE]. Previously I used to work in Red Hat's Desktop team as Software Maintenance Engineer which included fixing bugs on vast area of Desktop Applications for the components based on Qt/GTK/Motif shipped in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and maintaining RPM packages for RHEL.


  • I am a CS student I have completed my B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

Activities within the Fedora Project

Package Maintainer

I'm a Package Maintainer sponsored by Rex Dieter

Google Summer of Code 2011

I did gsoc 2011 under KDE as my mentoring organization for Krita [1] where i worked for importing/exporting Adobe Photoshop files in Krita. This file format is closed. This project will entail bringing together the freely available information on the PSD file format and build an import/export filter upon the existing framework in Krita

Google Summer of Code 2010

I did gsoc 2010 under KDE as my mentoring organization for Skrooge [2] where i worked on transforming Qt widget dashboard to Plasma Dashbaord. Plasma Dashboad in Skrooge is a generic Dashboard which is generic and can be used by other KDE applications for embedding Plasma Applets inside the Application. Plasma Dashboard is a Kpart which resides in KDE upstream repository kde-runtime.

Trainings and Certifications

  • PWB Penetration Testing Training with BackTrack