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Fedora Meetup - Danang, Vietnam

When and Where

  • When: 8:00AM - 12:00PM (Hanoi timezone, GMT+7) on Saturday, December 1st, 2012
  • Where: TBD

Organizers / Team


  • Duy Tan University's professors and students
  • Danang Government ICT department
  • Danang Software Association
  • Danang FOSS Community
  • Total: about 30-40 people

Main Goals

  • Setup connections with Danang FOSS community (there is no community connection to Danang right now)
  • Introduce more about Fedora Project and Fedora Community
  • Get them involved to Fedora to make better Fedora movements in Danang in the future


  • Talk about FedoraProject and Fedora Community update
  • Help people to join into Fedora (live)
  • Contributed presentations from FOSS-community friends
  • Open Discussions all about Fedora and FOSS
  • Swag distribution

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

  • Event organizing: invitation has been sent; just need to book the location asap.
  • Media: about 20 32-bit LiveCD, 20 64-bit ones

Detailed Cost Breakup

  • APAC Trac ticket #45
  • Details here:
    • Return flight: about $80
    • Accommodation: about $50
    • Others: about $30
  • Total: about $160


  • Event report: later
  • Event photos: later