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== Nick Blair ==

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  • Occupation :Student
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: USA


I am a first time Fedora user and have been a Ubuntu/Debian Linux user since 2011 and being playing with other distributions ever since. I am really enjoying the Fedora environment for its open amount of opportunities and friendliness that it provides. I have participated in many online forms one known as GeeksToGo[[1]] to help people that use both Linux and Windows how to use their system better. I also, advocate Fedora at my local university for people looking towards a alternative to the windows environment.


  • Email:
  • IRC Nic: winter_mute
  • Fedora Account: wintermute Fedora Account System

Activities within Fedora

To promote and learn more about the open source software and community and bring Fedora to a broader audience and help them understand what Fedora really means. I am also a avid coder in several languages and learning to do python this year.