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I did think the "wizard" bits, but my limited imagination fails to figure how to make a wizard inside a print-ready book. For example, does have a "wizard" like question driven thing, but it is very rudimentary.

>> Well it can be like this: (well, for example only.)

Which one relates to you most closely?

  1. You a hardcore gamer. You try out every new game.
  2. You like to draw pictures, take snaps and consider yourself a master of gimp/photoshop.
  3. You code. Day in and Day out.
  4. You are working on a circuit simulation program.

etc. etc.

<< The issue with that above example is that it sort of "dumbs down" the questions - which is a constraint of the format and, not of the questions. The problem with dumbing down is that I could actually answer YES to all and, not participate. Whereas, talking about what each project does and, mentioning the skills that are required would make it a bit more accurate. A somewhat crude and trivial example, nearly all the sub-projects mentioned on the side-bar of this wiki require an understanding of version control systems. So, a sysadmin who knows and sets up VCS could easily get interested in all of them whereas, his actually skills might be put to use somewhere different.

>> Well, for that matter, anyone can have all the skills and may not participate. This wizard is meant for lost soles, not for those who know what they are easy with. :) Keeping both won't hurt.

<< Sure, the skills (how to join) come a bit later in the book, and, we can have a write-up before hand talking about each sub-project etc.