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Fedora Scientific Lab

Wary of reinstalling all the essential tools for your scientific and numerical work? The answer is here. Fedora Scientific Spin brings together the most useful open source scientific and numerical tools atop the goodness of the KDE desktop environment.

Fedora Scientific currently ships with numerous applications and libraries. These range from libraries such as the GNU Scientific library, the SciPy libraries, tools like Octave and xfig to typesetting tools like Kile and graphics programs such as Inkscape. The current set of packages include an IDE, tools and libraries for programming in C, C++, Python, Java and R. Also included along with are libraries for parallel computing such as the OpenMPI and OpenMP. Tools for typesetting, writing and publishing are included.

주요 응용프로그램


IPython is an enhanced interactive shell with various features to support rapid interactive computing.


Pandas is a Python library mostly useful for data analysis.


Gnuplot is a command line driven utility for creating 2D and 3D graphs.


Matplotlib is the most feature-rich Python library for creating publication ready graphs and figures.


Fedora Scientific includes the complete toolchain needed for creating documents using LaTeX.

GNU Octave

GNU Octave is a high level programming language and numerical computing environment, mostly compatible with MATLAB.

GNU Scientific Library

The GNU Scientific Library is a C/C++ library providing a extensive collection of mathematical routines.

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