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This page is deprecated
All Fedora Release Engineering Documentation has moved here with source hosted along side the code in the releng pagure repository


Bigger Features can take a while to stabilise and land or need a large number of packages to be built against each other, this is easiest served by having a separate build tag for the development work. This SOP will describe the steps necessary to prepare the new build target.


Adding a side build target is fairly straightforward, but comes with a cost of extra newRepo tasks in koji.


In koji a tag needs to be made, it needs to inherit from the -build tag of the base your wanting to develop against, this is to ensure that group info makes it into your tag so you can build successfully. As we will be building against this tag we need to give it the needed arches also.

The add-tag, add-tag-inheritance, edit-tag, and add-target commands are used.

$ koji add-tag --help
Usage: koji add-tag [options]  name
(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)

-h, --help       show this help message and exit
--parent=PARENT  Specify parent
--arches=ARCHES  Specify arches

$ koji add-target --help
Usage: koji add-target name build-tag <dest-tag>
(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)

-h, --help  show this help message and exit

For example if we wanted to create the EPEL tags to build XFCE , we would do the following:

koji add-tag epel6-xfce48 --parent=dist-6E-epel-build --arches="i686,x86_64,ppc64"
koji add-target epel6-xfce48 epel6-xfce48 

A Fedora example would be

koji add-tag f23-gnutls --parent=f23-build --arches="armv7hl,i686,x86_64"
koji add-target f23-gnutls f23-gnutls 


check in koji that a newRepo task is created for your new tag and has the appropriate arches


When the builds are completed to remove the target and merge builds across

koji remove-target epel6-xfce48

to merge builds across edit in the releng git repo and run it.

Tags are never removed.

Consider Before Running

  • Is the amount of work to be done worth the cost of newRepo tasks.
  • If there is only a small number of packages overrides may be better.
  • Is there a mass-rebuild going on? no side tags are allowed while a mass rebuild is underway