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A list of the past Ambassadors issues (some of them were changed/modified to reflect project changes).
== Closed Issues ==
== Closed Issues ==
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Latest revision as of 18:35, 1 March 2009

A list of the past Ambassadors issues (some of them were changed/modified to reflect project changes).

Closed Issues

Task Name Owner Notes 'Completion Date
Famsco status report fugolini A quick update on the progress of famsco organization, budget etc. -
Active/Inactive Ambassadors FrancescoUgolini See the Ambassadors status discussion Feb 25, 2009
Schwag pipeline and a Standard Ambassadors Survival Kit GregDeKoenigsberg Need to make sure that the schwag pipeline is functional. This is separate from the actual stuff we send; this is just making sure that the stuff we send actually gets to the places it needs to go.
We need a standard "kit" for all Ambassadors; DVDs, promotional materials, and schwag
Fedora Event Kit MaxSpevack (w/ JackAboutboul ) Pleae read message from JackAboutboul. This is a Global Action Item for all FAMSCO/Ambassadors. There need s to be discussion around this. It's a big deal. -
Project Reports FrancescoUgolini Updates from the following projects (add your own):
- FreeMedia : ThomasChung
- Presentations : RahulSundaram
Review upcoming events FrancescoUgolini Review the FedoraEvents for upcoming 3 months. Make sure they're correct. Make sure we've got ambassadors covering them. Review these every week. Note the calendar at ["Ambassadors/LinuxEvents"] -
Ambassadors Steering Commitee AlexMaier Review candidates:
Dec 29, 2005
Email Aliases for PatrickBarnes We now have a group in the Account System. There's still work to be done by Infrastructure. Jan 19, 2006
Business Cards ThomasChung We need business cards for Fedora Ambassadors. Jan 26, 2006
Funding for attendance AlexMaier Apply for funding with the Famsco to have your request reviewed. Provide as much detail on planned spending as possible, in local currency and/or in USD. Mar 1, 2006
Decide on format for new DVDs GregDeKoenigsberg we have decided to go with binary-only, single-sided DVDs Mar 23, 2006
FC5 Tours RahulSundaram Time critical. Within 10 days maximum. Will have to be ready for FC5. See detail Mar 30, 2006
Distribution Project ThomasChung FreeMedia is now a volunteer initiative under the Distribution Project Apr 11, 2006
FedoraLibraries ChitleshGoorah Topic taken off schedule for lack of activity. Project may still persist. Apr 13, 2006