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Fedora in Libraries

No, its not about installing Fedora in the computers but to lend Open source CDs to their subscribed users. Having CDs in libraries will remove the complete newbies mind set of fear towards linux. Considering the fact that librairies is a body of trust.

This is mostly an activity done by the LUG. Of course if ambassadors provide enough materials/translation to.

Although, anyone can request Fedora CDs/DVD from any Ambassador , this project is to increase Fedora's availability through library lending.


Let's take for example, Fedora. If a LUG happens to realise this project. Among other distros we will only have handouts and Fedora DVDs. Meanwhile students or anyone will prefer to give a try to Live-CDs, leaving Fedora behind. Saying that this particular live distro is based on Fedora isn't enough for the complete newbies. It would rather be useless. If someone tried the "official" Fedora Live CD if he/she likes it he/she can easily get the install DVD for free for their local LUG, The LUG ambassador or from the library directly.

Some testimonials

Project Leaders

  • ChitleshGoorah
  • RahulSundaram

How to help

Anyone can join this project, please add your name here. You can also add your LUG contact. Or you can also send the Project Leaders a mail with your contact. It is recommended to subcribe to the so that you are informed of changes and additions.

ChitleshGoorah Lug de Strasbourg
JoergSimon -
PascalCalarco -


  • Produce a simple guide to approach local libraries to accept donations of professionally / home-produced CD-ROM images of Fedora's various distributions (initially, i386, PPC and AMD64)
  • Provide guidelines and links to existing DIYMaterial or new specific material to produce the media that will be proposed to the libraries
  • Report local success stories about libraries where Fedora becomes available for lending
  • Establish a list of libraries and appropriate contacts

More info

  • , hosts most discussions related to Marketing
  • [wiki:Self:Ambassadors/Meetings Meetings] - Regular meetings are held on IRC
  • [wiki:Self:Ambassadors/Schedule Schedule] - Ambassadors schedule


  • Get an ISSN number. This should be a separate ISSN for every initiative that produces localized content for the DVD-case insert.
The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an eight-digit number which identifies all periodical publications as such, including electronic serials. Each ISSN assigned to a serial publication is registered in an international database: the ISSN Register. It is the most comprehensive and authoritative source for the identification of serial publications world-wide.
  • A generic DVD Case Insert
  • Work out a cover for the cds/dvds
  • Announcement in forums and mailing lists
  • Set deadline for ISSN Registration form submission
  • Wiki Cleaning

Initial Resources

  • Ubuntu Wiki
  •'s Libraries and Public Administrations Project
  • Open Source Lending CD's in Libraries: Howto (PDF link)
  • Slashdot: Open Source CD Lending For Public Libraries?
  • Slashdot: Free Software at the Local Library?