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Fedora Ambassador Conduct

All the general community conduct guidelines apply to you and especially to you as a Fedora Ambassadors. Read our guidelines at

You are Fedora

When acting as ambassador, you don't just represent yourself, you represent the Fedora Project. When people think of you, they will think of the Fedora Project. This means that there are some important rules to follow, and giving the right impression is important setting aside personal biases in favor of goodwill for yourself and for Fedora."

Know your message

As an ambassador, and as part of the Marketing project, you need to know the good word of Fedora , and know the differences between it and its cousin, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You are not to insult any other project or product, just focus on the strengths of Fedora.

No fund requests

Remember, you are not allowed to publish any bank details or funding requests on You are not authorized to collect funds on behalf of the Fedora Project or for any Fedora-related venture.

Avoid illegal software

You should not direct people to software that may violate the law. Review and understand our ForbiddenItems. You can direct users to third-party software, but do not lead users to software that may violate the law or copyrights. When you direct someone to third-party software, please make it clear that use of the software is not supported or encouraged by the Fedora Project.

You represent Fedora, not Red Hat

This is pretty simple. You represent the Fedora Project, which is sponsored by Red Hat. You do not represent Red Hat. If someone is interested in Red Hat specific details or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, please put them in touch with a local Red Hat sales engineer. If you need help with that, ask JonFautley. Even though you may believe that Fedora is perfection, you should not insult any other project or product.

Do not wear a big red hat

The Fedora brand is independent, and stand-alone, and it's important to Fedora's marketing efforts that we maintain that distinction. Don't wear red fedoras or Red Hat apparel when you are representing the Fedora Project.

Respect the Trademark Guidelines

Always be aware of the Trademark Guidelines for the Fedora trademarks. They protect the Fedora brand. You should also respect the logo guidelines . As an ambassador, you should be especially careful not to violate these guidelines.

Don't get in trouble and ask for help if you get lost

In the beginning, it is a good idea to show drafts of your ambassador messages to a member of the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee. This will help you gain confidence, and the committee member can make sure that your message is compatible with the program guidelines.

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