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Fedora Ambassadors FAQ

This list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers attempts to help Fedora Ambassadors answer some of the difficult questions they may face.

If you have a question that is not listed here, you can add it to this list or ask in IRC or the Fedora Ambassadors mailing list. For more information, see the Ambassadors homepage.

A great opportunity to ask your questions would be the regular IRC meetings that are held for Ambassadors. See the Meetings page for details.

Other Resources:

  • Talking Points - Quick conversation points to help you present Fedora to others
  • Logo - The Fedora Logo, including usage details
All of the generic FAQs can be found in the general FAQ section. Only questions specific to Ambassadors can be found here.

Is there any help with organizing an event?

The Event Organizers' Resources page contains a lot of useful information about organizing an event. If you have any further question, write to the mailing list. Often there are other Ambassadors in your area ask them to help you and organize the participation at the event together. This way it's more fun and less work.

Where can I get a customs letter for shipping purposes?

Regulations for many countries may limit, prohibit or apply a tax when importing or exporting software media. A standard letter may be required for the media to qualify under certain statutes. Please check with your local authorities for regulations that may affect you, and see the CustomsLetter page for our standard letter for certain customs agencies.

Where can I get a business card for identification purposes?


Are there any official clothes to wear during events?

Some Ambassadors in EMEA created the Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt . It's not the official uniform but it has a visual identify characteristic for visitors.

I've no time to participate the Ambassadors Project at the moment. What do you?

Just suspend yourself from the Project for a while by leaving a message at your personal wiki page to inform the visitors that you are busy right now. If you know how long your "time out" will take, send a short note to FAmSCo ( that somebody knows what's going on.

I'm no longer active in the Ambassadors Project. Can I remove myself?

Of course you can. We respect if you have no more time to participate in the Ambassadors Project or other parts of the Fedora Project became more important for you. Before you quit, think about a suspend from the Ambassadors Project for a while by just leaving a message at your personal wiki page to inform the visitors that you are inactive. Otherwise...

  • Remove yourself from the Ambassadors Group in the FAS
  • Remove your entry from the CountryList and your CategoryAmbassadors+Country entry at your personal wiki page.

Don't forget: You can join us again later.