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Event Organization Guidelines

Why an event Guideline?

Following these simple steps will allow us to help you have the most successful event possible. If you skip any of the steps it is harder for us to help you. If you are asking for funding, it is critical that you complete all of the steps or we will not be able to fund your event.


Pre-event tasks

Ambassadors (or other subproject contributor that wants to be sponsored by the Fedora Ambassadors) needs to do the next steps BEFORE the event:

  1. Create a wiki page for the event in the new structure: Create a wiki page providing general information about the event in the Fedora Project wiki. We suggest you to use the templates [1]. Doing the wiki page, you will help us:
    1. Know about the event
    2. Help future collaborators to participate/help/attend to the event
    3. Make measurement/statistics
  2. Create a ticket (In your region If you are asking for Fedora Project's sponsorship, it's absolutely necessary to create a new ticket/issue The ticket must be created, at least, 3 days before the next meeting (Fedora Ambassadors Regional Meetings @ FedoCal) to be discussed, and must contain the "meeting" tag to be considered on the agenda. If the ticket is for requesting funds, we suggest you to wait until your ticket gets approved to start expending money. In special cases (Great and important events announced out of the time rule mentioned before) we suggest to use a special tag (meeting+openFloor),to discuss this ticket if meeting time allows the discussion. Please take into consideration that these kind of tickets may not be discussed if there is no time.
  3. Add the event to the FedoCal (linking to the wiki page of the event)

Post-event Tasks

  1. Event Reports[2]:
    1. Owner @ CommBlog: The event creator must create an article in the CommBlog
    2. Attendees @ Planet:
      1. Ambassador attendees needs to create a report in their personal blog. This report needs to be linked to the planet Planet.
      2. Attendees from other sub-projects that have been sponsored by the Fedora Project need to be identified by the event owner and need to create a report in their personal blog. If the attendee doesn't have a blog, the report needs to be created on the wiki. Another option is to use the Owner's blog to publish the report.
    3. Attendees+Owner @ Wiki:
      1. All attendees needs to add a link to their individual reports on the event's wiki page.
      2. All attendees need to add a link to the event's wiki page on their wiki user page. This helps ambassadors and others know what events have you attended.
  2. Request reimbursement (only if applicable).

  1. We are working in the template, trying to improve it and locate it in a better place in the wiki
  2. Consider that even if you aren't requesting sponsorship, Event reports are really useful to the project.