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This list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers helps Fedora Ambassadors answer some of the difficult questions they may face. For general Fedora-related questions, see the top-level FAQ.

Feel free to extend the list of questions, or to improve the existing answers!

I have just joined


Relax. Given the size of the project, it may require a few months to be thoroughly familiar with the Fedora Project. Nobody expects that you will be able to do lot of works from the day one.

  • Take small steps.
  • Read the mailing lists.
  • Join the IRC (#fedora-ambassadors)
  • Read the reports, make new friends within the projects.
  • Talk to your mentor, regional leaders or any FAmSCo member.
  • Think out and start working on the areas that you think can be improved.

How do I spread word about Fedora?

There are a lot of ways to spread word about Fedora.

  • Organize install fests and encourage users to use Fedora and Linux in general.
  • Organize workshops. Tell people how Fedora can do your daily work from basic text editing to handling a busy server.
  • Collaborate with a local Linux User Group or start one if your locality doesn't have one.
  • If possible build a local repository and distribute installation media.

These are some of the basic ideas. You are welcome to add more to it.

How am I officially recognised?

Where can I get a business card for identification purposes?

To create a Fedora Business card, please follow the information at Ambassadors/BusinessCards. These allow you to be recognized officially.

I want to organise/participate in an event

I want to organize an event and need some money and/or swags. What do I do?

Improve portion..get req, breakdown...

Use the tracking system to file a ticket. Please be as precise as you can while asking for swags/money justifying your requirements. Do not ask for more stuff than required.

Is there any help with organizing an event?

The Event Organizers' Resources page contains a lot of useful information about organizing an event. If you want to give some presentations, do check out this page. You can find some interesting flyers here. If you have any further question, write to the mailing list. Often there are other Ambassadors in your area ask them to help you and organize the participation at the event together. This way it's more fun and less work. And don't forget to list your event at Events page.

Where do I find previous presentations?

Talking about events, what am I supposed to do and what should I avoid?

What are the common questions in an event?

Questions asked at event booths

Please see the following (Questions from other Ambassadors from working events)

I need man power and volunteers for the event. How do I get them?

If you are organizing the event in a college or university, you can take help of campus ambassadors or other technical societies and student chapters. You can also involve some LUGs.

Where can I get a customs letter for shipping purposes?

Regulations for many countries may limit, prohibit or apply a tax when importing or exporting software media. A standard letter may be required for the media to qualify under certain statutes. Please check with your local authorities for regulations that may affect you, and see the CustomsLetter page for our standard letter for certain customs agencies.

Are there any official clothes to wear during events?

Some Ambassadors in EMEA created the Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt . It's not the official uniform but it has a visual identify characteristic for visitors.

Also, North America Ambassadors created a Button-Up Ambassadors Shirt that can be used at events; As with the polo, it is not official uniform, but it does identify Fedora Ambassadors out from the crowd.

I've no time to participate the Ambassadors Project at the moment. What do you suggest?

Just suspend yourself from the Project for a while by leaving a message at your personal wiki page to inform the visitors that you are busy right now. If you know how long your "time out" will take, send a short note to FAmSCo ( that somebody knows what's going on.

I'm no longer active in the Ambassadors Project. Can I remove myself?

Of course you can. We respect if you have no more time to participate in the Ambassadors Project or other parts of the Fedora Project became more important for you. Before you quit, think about a suspend from the Ambassadors Project for a while by just leaving a message at your personal wiki page to inform the visitors that you are inactive. Otherwise...

  • Remove yourself from the Ambassadors Group in the FAS
  • Remove your entry from the CountryList and your CategoryAmbassadors+Country entry at your personal wiki page.

Don't forget: You can join us again later.

I am around for sometime, but I am interested in taking my contribution to the next level