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Booth Questions

The purpose of this page is the organize and to record the questions asked by attendees at events.

Normal Questions

  • What is Linux?
    • Linux is a Free Open Source Operateing System for your computer.
  • What is Fedora?
  • How is it different from $Distro
  • What's new in Fedora X+1?
  • When is Fedora X+1 going to be released?
  • What is Fedora's Market Focus? (Which groups of people do we target as our users)
  • How can I help?
    • What are you passionate about? (continue from there)

Spin-Oriented Questions

  • What is included in this Spin? (Games, FEL, Edu)
    • See our Spins Page for more info!
  • Can I install those apps on an installed Fedora?
    • Of course it is easy as yum grouplist & yum groupinstall "groupname"
    • Of course it is easy as dnf group list & dnf group install "groupname"

Technical Questions

  • How do I install...? (MP3, Flash, Misc stuff)
  • What is the difference between i386, i686, x86_64, PPC (And which one is right for me?)
    • Ask for information about the kind of computer he has
    • If all else fails, use i686.