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Anaconda Features

There are a lot of things being worked on within anaconda at any given time. We're trying to do a better job of keeping track of what's being worked on, requested, or planned to be worked on. Some of these aren't currently being worked or driven by anyone. If you're interested in one of these features, we encourage you to work up a basic design (or the start of some code) and send it to for review and comment. If you want to work on something not listed here, the same is true

Proposed / In-Progress Features

Feature Owner Target completion Components Additional Developers
Rework buildinstall (Lorax) Martin Gracik Fedora 15 anaconda, pungi, lorax
4kB Sector disk boot support Peter Jones Fedora 15 efibootmgr, grub
User Interface/Interaction Redesign Chris Lumens TBD anaconda Martin Gracik
Port from PyGTK to PyGObject Will Woods Fedora 17 anaconda, pygobject2
Major version upgrade capability TBD TBD anaconda
Support installation to disk/virt image files Dave Lehman Fedora 15 anaconda
Rework current livecd support Brian Lane Fedora 15 anaconda, livecd-tools
Finish storage testing frameworks and put to use Chris Lumens TBD anaconda, autoqa
Finish up unit tests where applicable TBD TBD TBD
Replace package selection with spin selection TBD TBD anaconda
Add full btrfs support TBD TBD anaconda
Replace custom /sbin/init with standard system init Chris Lumens Fedora 16 anaconda
Allow users to run anaconda in kickstart generation mode Chris Lumens TBD anaconda, pykickstart, system-config-kickstart
Fix up text mode for serial console users TBD TBD anaconda
Rework backend API to allow sources other than yum TBD TBD anaconda, yum (?)
Remove linuxrc.s390 and work in to standard init process TBD TBD TBD
Network installation on IPv6-only networks Radek Vykydal Fedora 15 anaconda
Support wireless networking during installation Radek Vykydal TBD anaconda
Support for installer networking reconfiguration (partial - stage2) Radek Vykydal TBD anaconda
Support installation to iSCSI via separate NIC Radek Vykydal TBD anaconda
Support kdump setup and configuration during installation TBD TBD anaconda
Add LUN discovery tool in storage UI David Cantrell Fedora 15 anaconda
Support firstboot on s390 Martin Gracik Fedora 15 firstboot
Boot from disks >2.2TB on BIOS TBD TBD TBD
Trusted boot/TPM/TXT support Peter Jones TBD TBD
Migration to grub2 boot loader Peter Jones TBD grub, anaconda
Support 4K logical sector sizes on BIOS TBD TBD TBD
Configure s390 dump device during installation TBD TBD TBD cleanup TBD Fedora 17 anaconda, yum (?) Chris Lumens
Encrypted Boot IPA key Management Dave Lehman Fedora 13 anaconda Miloslav Trmac
Make EDD code more usable Peter Jones TBD TBD
Make VNC options more accessible Martin Sivak TBD TBD
Run the GTK code in a thread separate from the the rest of Anaconda Aleš Kozumplík TBD anaconda
Support iSCSI Partial Offload Devices Aleš Kozumplík TBD anaconda, iscsi-initiator-utils

Features from previous releases

Feature Owner Target completion Committed
Combine initrd.img and install.img in to single image Chris Lumens Fedora 15 Yes
Warn users if installing on unsupported hardware Chris Lumens Fedora 15 Yes
UI Cleanup for storage Joel Granados Fedora 13 Yes
UEFI boot Peter Jones Fedora 13 Yes
Multipath devices Peter Jones Fedora 13 Yes
Default partition and swap algorithm BZ 150670, 435402 Chris Lumens Fedora 13 Yes
Select devices better, plus storage cleanup Chris Lumens Fedora 13 Yes
FCoE Boot support Hans DeGoede Fedora 12 Yes
MDRaid Boot support Hans DeGoede Fedora 12 Yes
Land new pyparted and port anaconda to it David Cantrell Fedora 11 Yes
Simplify text mode Chris Lumens Fedora 11 Yes
Replace partitioning code - Storage Rewrite Dave Lehman Fedora 11 Yes
FirstAidKit (Improving Rescue Mode) Joel Granados / Martin Sivak Fedora 10 Yes
Improved netconfig UI with NetworkManager by default David Cantrell Fedora 10 Yes
Save exceptions straight to bugzilla Chris Lumens Fedora 10 Yes
Support for installation to encrypted block devices Dave Lehman Fedora 9 Yes
Allow setting the install source from the second stage Chris Lumens Fedora 9 Yes
Implement support for resizing partitions Jeremy Katz Fedora 9 Yes
Allow download of packages for upgrade prior to rebooting into anaconda Jeremy Katz / Seth Vidal Fedora 9 Yes
Use libblkid for filesystem probing Jeremy Katz Fedora 9 Yes
Stop using kudzu for probing Bill Nottingham Fedora 9 Yes