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Usability Testing

We're going to be usability testing the new UI design in early 2013.


Feedback Review

We're also analyzing feedback about the installer from Fedora 18's release and categorizing it to understand where users are running into issues.

Development / Testing

  • Work List - things you could be working on
  • Testability - what works
  • UX Questions - have a question about how the UI should handle something? log it here so we don't lose track
  • Error Messages - error messages from the F16 UI, with notes on the context and how maybe better to handle them

Design Document

Ideas / Brainstorms / Mockups

Whiteboards... mockup ideas... sketches... diagrams... brainstorms.. whatever :)

Whiteboard Directory

Fedora 14 Install Process



  1. make the defaults work such that you can just click next all the way through
  2. reduce the number of questions to just the important stuff.

Where does choice happen?

  1. Different spins
  2. Boot menu option (default=easy and an "advanced" option)
  3. Selection screen when anaconda starts
  4. "advanced" buttons in the anaconda pages
  5. PackageKit post-install


  • Does live media allow to choose a language for the installation? (Does the language choice during the USB stick bootup affect installer language?)
    • Yes. Choosing a language in gdm makes anaconda use it and it becomes the installed system's default. I installed f14 from a live usb in Spanish and that's the default lang now. --Ivancjimenez 21:56, 9 November 2010 (UTC)
  • Some better fonts & control over syslinux's appearance might be nice. gfxboot (by the SuSE folks) seems to enable this. Is it something reasonable to consider trying?
  • Can you opt-out of firstboot?
    • Yes, you can in the kickstart file. However, if you opt-out of first boot and don't create a user in the kickstart file, you will not be able to use graphical log-in because GDM forbids root logins.
    • You can get a functional system without firstboot, however.

Use Cases

  • Offline installation
  • l10n / non-English speakers (see Test_Day:2010-09-16_AnacondaTranslationKeyboard)
    • "Very difficult to select non-US language and keyboard"
    • "Back button selects US English keyboard, even though I have now specified UK keyboard *twice*"
  • keyboard shortcuts / no mouse
  • install of virt machines
  • Live image
    • "I believe the Ubuntu installer under discussion is the live installer. Like Fedora, there is no package selection involved there. Ubuntu gains considerable simplicity by having a separate installer app for live images and making that its default installer - I'm no expert, but I think the 'advanced' installer you can use for network installs and custom package selection and LVM and RAID and all that stuff is essentially Debian's installer and is a completely different experience to the Ubuntu installer."
  • Dual-boot (second neighbor or first neighbor)
    • "user wants to either replace the current System completely or install the distribution into free space on his HD and but into either the old or the newly installed system."
  • text-mode
  • various storage use-cases:
    • RAID
    • LVM
    • BTRFS
    • advanced storage devices
    • etc.