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(Have patches)
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* boost
* boost
** dependencies on mpich and openmpi are disabled now
** dependencies on mpich and openmpi are disabled now
* mozjs17

Revision as of 22:44, 6 January 2014

This a list of packages fixes for which we need to ensure the patches are also sent to Fedora.


Unclaimed has patches for several entries. For those which miss ask "hrw" on irc and they will be generated.

Should build

  • ant-nodeps dependency
    • libbase
    • libfonts
    • libformula
    • librepository
    • libserialiser
    • tomcat

Have patches

Simple ones

Need upstreaming

fail in %check

  • pyliblzma
  • ruby
  • sqlite
  • openmpi
  • python
  • python3


  • fuse
  • star
    • has a note: "Profiling support is currently missing on aarch64, but it should be included in glibc-2.18. For now, can we just disable it for aarch64?"
    • rawhide is at glibc 2.17.90 now