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Peter Robinson
Personal information
Location: London, UK
E-mail: pbrobinson AT gmail DOT com

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: pbrobinson
Fedora e-mail:
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Peter Robinson

I'm part of the Red Hat release engineering team and I'm lucky enough, after actively contributing to Fedora for well over 7 years in my own time, I now get to do it as part of my day job! I'm the Fedora secondary architectures release engineering lead covering primarily ARM, PPC and s390.

I'm still actively involved in all parts of the Fedora ARM SIG and get my fingers involved in most pies across the Fedora stack and generally bother people when their package deps bloat too much. I also maintain and co-maintain a few packages here and there that cover a random stuff that interests me and things that people don't want to touch!

Generally I just works on anything that happens to look vaguely interesting, mostly in the small portable device side of things, the cloud, networking, storage stacks or things that help make my day job easier. Hell... what am I talking about I'm interested in just about all of it except perl and java!