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Samsung 2012 Chromebook

  • Exynos 5250 Dual Core A15
  • 2 GiB DDR3
  • 16 GiB SSD
  • 1 SDcard slot
  • 2 usb ports
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • bluetooth

The REMIX image:

(assume the sdcard is /dev/sdz)
Exact Steps:

# fetch the remix

# Verify the checksum matches this:
sha256sum    f19-chromebook-MATE.img.xz
723647155e51f94d0c9a20f0f1f44d6c375cb06d23c459241d38508b252e48f9  f19-chromebook-MATE.img.xz

# decompress 
unxz -v f19-chromebook-MATE.img.xz

# write the image to sdcard
sudo dd if=f19-chromebook-MATE.img of=/dev/sdz bs=4M

# resize the rootfs partition
sudo sgdisk -p -a8192 -e -d5 -n5:0:0 -t5:8300 -c5:'ROOTFS' -p /dev/sdz

# resize the rootfs ext4 filesystem
sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdz5
sudo resize2fs /dev/sdz5


Make sure your Chromebook is in developer mode.

Press CTRL+U on boot-up, which will boot from the SDCARD.

If everything goes well you will see the kernel boot, and eventually be greeted by the initial-setup program.