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My Name is Jon Disnard. Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area (North Texas).

Groups: Fedora ambassador, packager, secondary architectures, and release engineering. Member of FAMSCo & Fedora Base working group.

List of ARM boards:

  • Panda_ES rev_b1 TI omap 4460 (a9)
  • UEVM TI omap 5432 (a15)
  • MiraBox Marvel Armada370
  • Trimslice nvidia tegra2
  • Chromebook Samsung exynos 5250 (a15)
  • TI uevm TI omap 5432 (a15)
  • Goose Berry Allwinner A10 (a7)
  • BeagleBoneBlack TI Sitara (a9)

List of PPC boards:

  • Sony PS3 (running Fedora 13)