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ARM F-17 Runtime Problems

Problem Package arm-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Workaround Engineer
yum Unable to talk to any repo Set clock with ntpdate or use http instead of https repos
systemd OOM on boot Kernel 3.3 flaky- use 2.6.42 for now
grubby Doesn't make or install uboot kernel images Run mkimage by hand
? FIXED root filesystem is mounted read-only the LABEL for the partition of the rootfs should be called "rootfs" without quotes (e2label /dev/mmcblock0p2 rootfs)
rsyslogd WORKAROUND /var/log/messages does not contain anything correct the rsyslog.service unit, comment out ExecStartPre

ARM on F-17 & Rawhide Build Problems

broken upstream and hence on arm

Problem Package arm-koji PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer
elfutils AMR elfutils PA elfutils RHBZ# 783506 FIXED Release 153 out
libarchive libarchive PriArch FIXED new upstream release
texlive texlive texlive FIXED Broken upstream, needs a patch for libpng changes
ruby ruby RHBZ# 789410 WORKAROUND tests broken tests disabled to allow forward movement mlangsdorf
prelink prelink PA prelink Used by a number of packages such as java-1.7.0-openjdk
libproxy libproxy FIXED Depends on KDE packages, chainbuild running
parted parted RHBZ# 800235 1 of 35 tests failed (all tests previously passed). FTBFS now, even on x86_64

broken on arm core build requirements

Problem Package arm-koji PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer
glibc ARM glibc RHBZ# 781765 FIXED glibc-2.15-4.fc17 is building and should fix
krb5 ARM krb5 FIXED fails to resolve "cdot-panda-12-2-v7hl" during tests
gdb ARM gdb gcc PR-51915 FIXED gcc-4.7.0-0.9 is building and should fix
numpy numpy RHBZ# 783334 gcc PR-51915 FIXED gcc-4.7.0-0.9 is building and should fix blc
boost boost RHBZ# 783660 FIXED 1.48.0-9 built
guile guile RHBZ# 784748 FIXED guile-1.8.8-4.fc17.2 built fine
icu ARM icu PA icu RHBZ# 783481 gcc PR-51933 FIXED was caused by a Fedora SPEC-file linker flag problem jcm
gnutls gnutls RHBZ# 787287 FIXED workaround to disable largefile support d.marlin
libuser libuser FIXED failing during test due to some ldap tests - builder issue?
groff groff FIXED error on builder- restarted
uuid uuid FIXED needs libtool rebuilt
graphiz graphiz FIXED needs current version of swig rebuilt

broken on arm general packages

Problem Package arm-koji PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer
systemtap WORKAROUND Cannot build documentation, testsuite needs prelink. Disabled publican/fop/java and prelink on ARM since systemtap-1.7-4.fc17
valgrind RHBZ # 769213 FIXED Need valgrind 3.7.0 for hfp support, need to poke maintainer to get it updated
gc gc FIXED test failures on armv5tel - lt-gctest hangs
chkconfig chkconfig FIXED gcc crash: alternatives.c:672:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault - hardware error
ghostscript ghostscript FIXED gcc crash: ijs_server_example.c:519:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault - hardware error?
poppler poppler FIXED gcc crash- hardware error. Now: Needs newer atk.
llvm llvm RHBZ# 770208 FIXED 3.0-6 builds with tests recorded but not failing buids
lcms lcms RHBZ# 785792 FIXED gcc crash - bad builder
mono mono RHBZ# 786786 problems with hardfp upstream
mysql mysql RHBZ# 773116 FIXED Some tests disabled, should likely be reviewed later d.marlin
postgresql postgresql RHBZ# 795460 FIXED Looks like fix included in 9.1.3 mlangsdorf
emacs emacs 798766 FIXED Wrong type argument: listp, 2928072
mesa mesa RHBZ# 789402 FIXED Core builds OK but some how misses most of the drivers
libunwind libunwind FIXED requires small patch to set correct ARM register names (REG_R0 instead of R0, etc). Rebuilding now.
libpciaccess libpciaccess FIXED Bug in libpciaccess-lol-dev-port.patch, needs to work if __arm__ is defined
ceph ceph RHBZ# 799153 libatomic_ops #3 An updated gc (includes libatomic_ops) likely fixed the armv5tel issue. A issue remaining affects both armv5tel and armv7hl. User:Devos
php 58183 RHBZ 799684 FIXED Required updated libzip

Pending for OLPC sugar-only build

Remove entries once fixed.

Problem Package Notes
control-center-filesystem Fails to build because it is building an old control-center(3.3.4) against a new libwacom(0.3). Need to rebuild the new 3.3.91 version from latest f17. Or maybe v3.3.90 will build OK?
evince-djvu, evince-libs Strange build error - gdisk not found, but gdisk was built long before?
gtksourceview2 v2.11.2-13.fc17 needs to be pushed to stable
libquadmath part of gcc fortran support
loudmouth broken upstream
metacity build failed. Needs control-center to be fixed first.
python-cjson EOL, details with erikos, not sure if it will happen this cycle