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= 如何安装 =
= 如何安装 =

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The easiest way to get started is to download a prebuilt root filesystem built from F12 packages that includes yum. This is suitable to chroot into, and then installing additional packages as needed using yum. You will also need a suitable kernel for your device. Below is a list of guides for installing Fedora on specific ARM hardware or through emulation.


If you have additional questions, would like to become involved or share your experiences using Fedora on ARM you can drop by #fedora-arm on IRC Freenode. Or join the Fedora ARM mailing list:

Fedora ARM 资源库

The work to date is available from:

最新 发行版: Fedora 12

The following is available for F12:

旧的 Fedora 发行版

参考 这个页面.