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Using the Sheeva Installer to get Fedora 11 onto the internal NAND or a SD Card

modify the rootfs from

untar in a temp folder and make a new root fs from rootfs_f11 excluding the rootfs_f11 folder name

put the new rootfs.tar.gz and the latest kernels from into the installer folder and copy it over to the USB key

(TODO provide a link to my copy / or make a script to do it automatically)

script to build installer folder contents



function Md5Compare ()
        if [[ $(cat $2 | cut -d' ' -f1) \
                        != $(md5sum $1 | cut -d' ' -f1) ]]; then
                echo "Bad md5 detected on $1"
                exit 1

mkdir sheeva
cd sheeva

mkdir installer
mkdir kernels
mkdir work

cd kernels
wget -Nd -q$KVER/sheeva-$KVER-uImage
wget -Nd -q$KVER/sheeva-$KVER-uImage.md5

wget -Nd -q$KVER/sheeva-$KVER-Modules.tar.gz
wget -Nd -q$KVER/sheeva-$KVER-Modules.tar.gz.md5

Md5Compare sheeva-$KVER-Modules.tar.gz sheeva-$KVER-Modules.tar.gz.md5
Md5Compare sheeva-$KVER-uImage sheeva-$KVER-uImage.md5

cp sheeva-$KVER-uImage ../installer/uImage
cp sheeva-$KVER-Modules.tar.gz ../installer/modules.tar.gz

cd ../work
wget -Nd
rm -fr rootfs-f11/
tar --preserve-permissions -xjf rootfs-f11.tar.bz2
cd rootfs-f11/
sed -i -e 's/root/mtdblock1/; s/nfs/ubifs/' etc/fstab
#sed -i -e 's/root/mmcblk0p1/; s/nfs/ext3/; s/1 1/0 0/' etc/fstab
rm -fr tmp/* var/cache/yum/* var/tmp/*
tar --preserve-permissions --preserve-order -czf ../../installer/rootfs.tar.gz ./
cd ..
rm -fr rootfs-f11/

cd ../installer
ls -l

now follow the steps in the sheevaplug installer docs

1. change the mac address
2. plugin the usb key in fat format with the contents of installer folder
3. run php ./runme.php on the host and follow the steps (did not work in 64bit fedora needs 32bit)

when installed to nand the fstab is wrong change nfs to ubifs and /dev/root to /dev/mtdblock1 (need to do with sed since vi is not installed)

(TODO make the change in the script it self)

yum update yum upgrade yum install @core

will also need mtd-utils and mtd-utils-ubifs for upgrading kernels in future

add users set passwords etc

also refer

ask me for any for help you may need