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Fedora mips64el bootstrap issues

Here is the list of issues found during the rebuilds.

Package Name ToDo Links Logs Additional Notes
kernel 4.4.0 RPM that works with QEMU has been built but packaging needs more work
gmp Add support for mips64el to gmp.h and gmp-mparam.h RHBZ #1260083 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
ruby Add support for mips64el to config.h RHBZ #1260109 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide but some tests are still failing
binutils Use n64 emulation by default on mips64el, rather than n32 RHBZ #1294868 Downstream patch on hold, need to contact upstream
freetds Add mips64el to 64-bit arch list RHBZ #1294871
ghc Do not package ghc-cplit on mips64el RHBZ #1294873
ghc-srpm-macros Add mips64el to ghc_arches and ghci_arches RHBZ #1294874
nss Add mips64el to multilib_arches RHBZ #1294878 Fixed in Rawhide
openssl Add support for mips64el to SPEC RHBZ #1294882 Patch on hold
sqlite Do not fail tests on mips64el RHBZ #1294888
webkitgtk3 Disable JIT on mips64el RHBZ #1294890
SDL Add support for mips64el to SDL_config.h RHBZ #1260089 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
SDL2 Add support for mips64el to SDL_config.h RHBZ #1260095 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
go-srpm-macros Add mips64el to gccgo_arches RHBZ #1294875 Fixed in Rawhide
qtwebkit Disable JIT on mips64el RHBZ #1294886 Fixed in Rawhide
webkitgtk Disable JIT on mips64el RHBZ #1294889 Fixed in Rawhide
webkitgtk4 Disable JIT on mips64el RHBZ #1294892 Fixed in Rawhide
wxGTK Add support for mipsel to wx-config RHBZ #1294894 Fixed in Rawhide
wxGTK3 Add support for mipsel to wx-config RHBZ #1294895 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
libsolv Only aware of mipsel, add the rest RHBZ #1242791 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
hawkey Only aware of big endian MIPS, add support for little endian RHBZ #1242806 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
dnf Completely unaware of MIPS, add support RHBZ #1242870 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
yum Add support for MIPS
filesystem Add mips64el to 64-bit architectures RHBZ #1260079 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
redhat-rpm-config Add mips64el flags to macros
rpm Add MIPS macros, add MIPS platform RHBZ #1242786 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
gcc Add MIPS support to SPEC
glibc Add MIPS support to SPEC
m2crypto grep -v __REGISTER_PREFIX__ in SPEC Blocks crda and that blocks wireless-tools
mock Add mips64el config files
java Add support for mips64el
llvm Add support for mips64el to SPEC
mono Bootstrap no upstream support for mips64
ocaml Builds but does not work no upstream support for mips64
python Use pyconfig-64.h with mips64el, tests failing
python3 Use pyconfig-64.h with mips64el, tests failing
mariadb Tests failing
valgrind Builds but does not work
atlas Tests failing
icu Consider mips64el a 64-bit architecture in icu-config
libart_lgpl wordsize = 64 on mips64el
abiword FTBFS even on primary abiword-3.0.1-4.fc23
abrt-java-connector FTBFS abrt-java-connector-1.1.0-6.fc23
aiccu FTBFS even on primary aiccu-2007.01.15-22.fc22
anyterm FTBFS (builds o32) anyterm-1.1.29-32.fc23
ape FTBFS even on primary ape-2.2.0-2.fc22
appmenu-qt5 FTBFS even on primary appmenu-qt5-0.r26-5.fc23
ardour FTBFS even on primary ardour-2.8.16-15.fc23
arpage FTBFS even on primary arpage-0.3.3-19.fc23
asterisk FTBFS (needs to use same ldflags as arm) asterisk-13.3.2-1.fc23.2
atlas Tests failing, takes insanely long to build atlas-3.10.2-6.fc23
avarice FTBFS even on primary avarice-2.12-7.fc22
avogadro FTBFS avogadro-1.1.1-14.fc23
bakery FTBFS even on primary bakery-2.6.3-15.fc23
barcode FTBFS even on primary barcode-0.98-25.fc23
barry FTBFS barry-0.18.4-11.fc23
bfast FTBFS bfast-0.7.0a-10.fc22
bluecurve-gtk-themes FTBFS even on primary bluecurve-gtk-themes-1.0.0-13.fc23
bluecurve-kde-theme FTBFS even on primary bluecurve-kde-theme-1.0.0-14.fc23
byzanz FTBFS byzanz-0.3-0.15.fc23
ccgo FTBFS even on primary ccgo-
cclive FTBFS cclive-0.9.3-10.fc23
cdk FTBFS even on primary cdk-5.0.20141106-2.fc23
ceelog FTBFS even on primary ceelog-0.2-3.fc21
clpeak FTBFS (no MIPS support) clpeak-0.1-9.20150215git9a39c0c.fc23
cluttermm FTBFS even on primary cluttermm-1.17.3-5.fc23
cockpit FTBFS cockpit-0.79-1.fc23
community-mysql Tests failing community-mysql-5.6.26-1.fc23
compat-gcc-32 FTBFS (too old) compat-gcc-32-3.2.3-68.13
compat-gcc-34 FTBFS (too old) compat-gcc-34-3.4.6-37.fc23
cook FTBFS even on primary cook-2.34-9.fc22
coreboot-utils FTBFS coreboot-utils-4.0-6.20150109git78c5d58.fc22
couchdb Tests failing couchdb-1.6.1-5.fc22
cutter Tests failing cutter-1.2.4-2.fc21
cyphesis FTBFS even on primary cyphesis-0.6.2-8.fc23
dansguardian FTBFS dansguardian-
datovka FTBFS datovka-4.4.3-1.fc23
dietlibc FTBFS (no mips64el support) dietlibc-0.33-5.fc23
diorite FTBFS even on primary diorite-0.1-0.5git888cb5f.fc23
dpkg FTBFS (no mips64el support) dpkg-1.17.25-3.fc23
dropwatch FTBFS dropwatch-1.4-12.fc23
easystroke FTBFS even on primary easystroke-0.6.0-12.fc23
ecl FTBFS ecl-16.0.0-1.fc23
efl FTBFS (likely a linker bug on MIPS) efl-1.15.1-2.fc23
ejabberd FTBFS even on primary ejabberd-14.07-6.fc22
elfelli FTBFS even on primary elfelli-0.3.1-15.fc23
elfutils Tests failing elfutils-0.163-4.fc23
emelfm2 FTBFS even on primary emelfm2-0.9.1-4.fc23
enblend FTBFS enblend-4.1.3-7.fc23
ergo FTBFS (R4000 variable name conflict with macro) ergo-3.3.1-5.fc23
erlang-bitcask FTBFS (excessive -m64) erlang-bitcask-1.6.3-6.fc22
erlang-cowboy Tests failing erlang-cowboy-0.8.2-7.fc22
erlang-eleveldb FTBFS (excessive -m64) erlang-eleveldb-1.3.2-7.fc22
erlang-lager Tests failing erlang-lager-1.2.2-5.fc22
erlang-meck FTBFS even on primary erlang-meck-0.7.2-7.fc22
erlang-poolboy FTBFS even on primary erlang-poolboy-0.9.1-5.fc22
erlang-riak_client FTBFS even on primary erlang-riak_client-1.3.3-4.fc22
eurephia FTBFS even on primary eurephia-1.1.0-9.fc22
execstack FTBFS (No support for mips64) execstack-0.5.0-9.fc23
fedora-productimg-server FTBFS fedora-productimg-server-23-3.fc23
fedora-productimg-workstation FTBFS fedora-productimg-workstation-23-1.fc23
firefox FTBFS firefox-41.0.1-2.fc23
flint FTBFS flint-2.5.2-1.fc23
flowcanvas FTBFS even on primary flowcanvas-0.7.1-21.fc23
flumotion FTBFS flumotion-
fourterm FTBFS even on primary fourterm-1.0.6-5.fc22
freerdp FTBFS freerdp-1.2.0-0.9.git.24a752a.fc23
fuse-emulator-utils FTBFS even on primary fuse-emulator-utils-1.1.1-5.fc22
f2c FTBFS f2c-20110801-8.fc23
gcc-python-plugin Tests failing gcc-python-plugin-0.14-4.fc23
gc Tests failing gc-7.4.2-4.fc23
gds2pov FTBFS even on primary gds2pov-0.20080229-10.fc22
gearmand FTBFS gearmand-1.1.12-14.fc23
gnome-commander FTBFS gnome-commander-1.4.7-1.fc23.1
gource FTBFS gource-0.43-6.fc24
grantlee FTBFS grantlee-0.5.1-3.fc23
grub-customizer FTBFS even on primary grub-customizer-4.0.6-5.fc23
gsim85 FTBFS even on primary gsim85-0.3-14.fc23
gsmartcontrol FTBFS even on primary gsmartcontrol-0.8.7-8.fc23
gsoap FTBFS gsoap-2.8.22-2.fc23
gstreamermm FTBFS even on primary gstreamermm-0.10.11-8.fc23
gtkglextmm FTBFS even on primary gtkglextmm-1.2.0-23.fc23
guile Tests failing guile-2.0.11-6.fc23
gxemul FTBFS gxemul-
g2clib FTBFS g2clib-1.4.0-10.fc23
harmonyseq FTBFS even on primary harmonyseq-0.16-18.fc23
hdapsd FTBFS even on primary hdapsd-20141203-2.fc23
hdf FTBFS hdf-4.2.11-2.fc23
heimdal Tests failing heimdal-1.6.0-0.11.20150115gitc25f45a.fc23
hex-a-hop FTBFS even on primary hex-a-hop-1.2.0-git20140926.1.fc23.2
hoard FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) hoard-3.8-11.fc23
html-xml-utils FTBFS even on primary html-xml-utils-6.3-5.fc21
httrack FTBFS even on primary httrack-3.48.20-3.fc23
chocolate-doom FTBFS even on primary chocolate-doom-2.2.0-11.fc23
IBSimu FTBFS IBSimu-1.0.5-11.b.fc23
idjc FTBFS idjc-0.8.7-9.fc23
iksemel FTBFS iksemel-1.4-10.fc22
ima-evm-utils FTBFS ima-evm-utils-0.9-2.fc23
inkscape FTBFS inkscape-0.91-15.fc23
insight FTBFS insight-7.8.50-6.20140827git.fc23
intrace FTBFS intrace-1.5-6.fc22
Io-language FTBFS Io-language-20131204-1.fc22
ircd-ratbox FTBFS ircd-ratbox-2.2.9-3.fc22
iscsi-initiator-utils FTBFS iscsi-initiator-utils-
isomd5sum FTBFS isomd5sum-1.0.12-6.fc23
jack_capture FTBFS jack_capture-0.9.61-7.fc23
java-service-wrapper FTBFS java-service-wrapper-3.2.5-22.fc23
jd FTBFS jd-2.8.9-1.fc23.1
json FTBFS json-0-5.20150410gitd7d0509.fc23
js FTBFS js-1.8.5-22.fc23
kaya FTBFS kaya-0.5.2-24.fc22
kcemirror FTBFS kcemirror-0.1.5-15.fc23
kdebase3 FTBFS kdebase3-3.5.10-39.fc23
kde-connect FTBFS kde-connect-0.8-9.fc23
kdiff3 FTBFS kdiff3-0.9.98-6.fc23
kgoldrunner FTBFS kgoldrunner-15.04.3-1.fc23
khangman FTBFS khangman-15.04.2-2.fc23
kicad FTBFS kicad-2015.08.03-3.rev6041.fc23
kigo FTBFS kigo-15.04.3-1.fc23
kinfocenter FTBFS kinfocenter-5.4.2-1.fc23
kiriki FTBFS kiriki-15.04.3-1.fc23
kiten FTBFS kiten-15.04.2-2.fc23
klamav FTBFS klamav-0.46-17.fc23
klickety FTBFS klickety-15.04.3-1.fc23
kmahjongg FTBFS kmahjongg-15.08.1-1.fc23
kmess FTBFS kmess-
kmscon FTBFS kmscon-8-10.fc23
knavalbattle FTBFS knavalbattle-15.04.3-1.fc23
kolf FTBFS kolf-15.04.3-1.fc23
komparator FTBFS komparator-0.9-15.fc23
konquest FTBFS konquest-15.04.3-1.fc23
konsole FTBFS konsole-4.14.3-9.fc23
krb5 FTBFS krb5-1.13.2-11.fc23
krdc FTBFS krdc-15.04.2-2.fc23
kreversi FTBFS kreversi-15.04.3-1.fc23
krusader FTBFS krusader-2.4.0-0.15.beta3.fc23
kscd FTBFS kscd-15.04.2-2.fc23
ksirk FTBFS ksirk-15.04.3-1.fc23
ksnakeduel FTBFS ksnakeduel-15.04.3-1.fc23
kspaceduel FTBFS kspaceduel-15.04.3-1.fc23
ksudoku FTBFS ksudoku-15.04.3-1.fc23
ktechlab FTBFS ktechlab-0.3.70-16.20090304svn.fc23
ktuberling FTBFS ktuberling-15.04.3-1.fc23
kubrick FTBFS kubrick-15.04.3-1.fc23
kwordquiz FTBFS kwordquiz-15.04.2-2.fc23
k3d FTBFS k3d-
k4dirstat FTBFS k4dirstat-2.7.8-2.fc23
ladish FTBFS ladish-2-10.3.gitfcb16ae.fc23
ldc FTBFS ldc-0.16.0.alpha3-76.fc23
libaccounts-qt FTBFS libaccounts-qt-1.13-1.fc23
libaccounts-qt5 FTBFS libaccounts-qt5-1.13-7.fc23
libatomic_ops FTBFS libatomic_ops-7.4.2-6.fc23
libdatrie FTBFS libdatrie-0.2.8-6.fc23
libdvdnav FTBFS libdvdnav-5.0.3-2.fc23
libdvdread FTBFS libdvdread-5.0.2-2.fc23
libEMF FTBFS libEMF-1.0.7-9.fc23
libesedb FTBFS libesedb-20120102-7.fc22
libexplain FTBFS libexplain-1.4-4.fc23
libffado FTBFS libffado-2.2.1-5.fc23
libfreenect FTBFS libfreenect-0.5.2-5.fc23
libgda FTBFS libgda-5.2.2-10.fc23
libglademm24 FTBFS libglademm24-2.6.7-14.fc23
libgnomecanvasmm26 FTBFS libgnomecanvasmm26-2.26.0-13.fc23
libhugetlbfs FTBFS libhugetlbfs-2.19-1.fc23
libHX FTBFS libHX-3.22-2.fc23
libkdegames FTBFS libkdegames-15.08.1-1.fc23
libkdtree++ FTBFS libkdtree++-0.7.0-8.fc22
liblxqt FTBFS liblxqt-0.9.0-5.fc23
libmimedir FTBFS libmimedir-0.4-14.fc23
libofx FTBFS libofx-0.9.9-6.fc23
liborigin2 FTBFS liborigin2-2.0.0-10.fc23
libpsl FTBFS libpsl-0.7.0-5.fc23
libpuma FTBFS libpuma-1.2-3.fc22
libqalculate FTBFS libqalculate-0.9.7-14.fc23
libqb FTBFS libqb-0.17.1-2.fc23
librfm FTBFS librfm-5.3.16-7.fc23
librx FTBFS librx-1.5-25.fc23
libsexymm FTBFS libsexymm-0.1.9-20.fc23
libsrtp FTBFS libsrtp-1.5.0-3.fc23
libssh2 FTBFS libssh2-1.6.0-2.fc23
libticables2 FTBFS libticables2-1.3.4-6.fc23
libtpms FTBFS libtpms-0.5.2-6.fc23
libUnihan FTBFS libUnihan-0.5.3-14.fc23
libverto-jsonrpc FTBFS libverto-jsonrpc-0.1.0-9.fc21
libwfut FTBFS libwfut-0.2.3-5.fc23
libx86 FTBFS libx86-1.1-21.fc23
libyuv FTBFS libyuv-0-0.24.20121221svn522.fc23
lifeograph FTBFS lifeograph-1.1.0-5.fc23
linbox FTBFS linbox-1.3.2-24.fc23
lnav FTBFS lnav-0.7.2-3.fc23
lordsawar FTBFS lordsawar-0.3.0-1.fc23
lostirc FTBFS lostirc-0.4.6-21.fc23
lskat FTBFS lskat-15.04.3-1.fc23
ltrace FTBFS ltrace-0.7.91-17.fc23
luajit FTBFS luajit-2.0.4-2.fc23
luckybackup FTBFS luckybackup-0.4.8-5.fc23
lv2-kn0ck0ut FTBFS lv2-kn0ck0ut-1.1-6.0.giteaeb2d90.fc22
lxqt-config FTBFS lxqt-config-0.9.0-6.fc23
lxqt-notificationd FTBFS lxqt-notificationd-0.9.0-6.fc23
lxqt-policykit FTBFS lxqt-policykit-0.8.0-7.fc22
maliit-framework FTBFS maliit-framework-0.94.2-8.fc23
mate-applets FTBFS mate-applets-1.10.3-1.fc23
mate-session-manager FTBFS mate-session-manager-1.10.2-2.fc23
mate-system-monitor FTBFS mate-system-monitor-1.10.1-1.fc23
megatools FTBFS megatools-1.9.95-4.fc23
mISDN FTBFS mISDN-1.1.5-10.fc20
mksh FTBFS mksh-51-1.fc23
mmapper FTBFS mmapper-2.3.4-2.fc23
moarvm FTBFS moarvm-0.2015.07-1.fc23
monitor-edid FTBFS monitor-edid-3.0-11.fc23
monotone FTBFS monotone-1.1-9.fc23
mosh FTBFS mosh-1.2.5-1.fc23
mozjs17 FTBFS mozjs17-17.0.0-12.fc23
mozjs24 FTBFS mozjs24-24.2.0-5.fc22
mozplugger FTBFS mozplugger-2.1.6-3.fc23
mstflint FTBFS mstflint-3.0-0.11.g6961daa.1.fc23
multican FTBFS multican-0.0.5-15.fc23
mupdf FTBFS mupdf-1.7a-2.fc23
mysql-connector-odbc FTBFS mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-4.fc23
m2crypto FTBFS m2crypto-0.21.1-20.fc23
nagios-plugins FTBFS nagios-plugins-2.0.3-3.fc23
nano FTBFS nano-2.4.2-1.fc23
nesc FTBFS nesc-1.3.5-2.fc22
NetworkManager FTBFS NetworkManager-1.0.6-6.fc23
net6 FTBFS net6-1.3.14-9.fc23
nfs-utils FTBFS nfs-utils-1.3.2-11.fc23
nitrogen FTBFS nitrogen-1.5.2-16.fc23
non-session-manager FTBFS non-session-manager-1.0.0-0.7.gitae6b78cf.fc22
novprog FTBFS novprog-3.0.0-4.fc23
numatop FTBFS numatop-1.0.3-2.fc23
nuvolaplayer FTBFS nuvolaplayer-2.5-1.fc22
nvidia-texture-tools FTBFS nvidia-texture-tools-2.0.8-11.fc23
obby FTBFS obby-0.4.8-11.fc23
ocaml-camlidl FTBFS ocaml-camlidl-1.05-31.fc23
ocaml-camlp4 FTBFS ocaml-camlp4-4.02.2-0.2.git1e8965ea.fc23
ocaml-labltk FTBFS ocaml-labltk-8.06.0-3.fc23
ocaml-perl4caml FTBFS ocaml-perl4caml-0.9.5-41.fc23
ocaml-p3l FTBFS ocaml-p3l-2.03-25.fc23
odb FTBFS odb-2.4.0-5.fc23
olpc-utils FTBFS olpc-utils-5.0.0-6.fc23
openambit FTBFS openambit-0.3-9.git5f2b784.fc23
opencfu FTBFS opencfu-3.8.11-5.fc23
openCOLLADA FTBFS openCOLLADA-0-24.git3335ac1.fc23
openconnect FTBFS openconnect-7.06-2.fc23
openhpi-subagent FTBFS openhpi-subagent-2.3.4-26.fc23
openhpi FTBFS openhpi-3.4.0-5.fc23
openlmi-providers FTBFS openlmi-providers-0.6.0-3.fc23
openobex FTBFS openobex-1.7.1-6.fc23
opensaml FTBFS opensaml-2.4.3-11.fc23
openteacher FTBFS openteacher-3.2-2.fc23
openvas-gsa FTBFS openvas-gsa-6.0.3-4.fc23
oprofile FTBFS oprofile-1.0.0-6.fc23
orc FTBFS orc-0.4.24-1.fc23
oyranos FTBFS oyranos-0.9.5-11.fc23
pads FTBFS pads-1.2-16.fc22
palapeli FTBFS palapeli-15.04.3-1.fc23
paman FTBFS paman-0.9.4-15.fc23
paprefs FTBFS paprefs-0.9.10-10.fc23
pari FTBFS pari-2.7.4-1.fc23
parrot FTBFS parrot-7.5.0-1.fc23
pavucontrol FTBFS pavucontrol-3.0-5.fc23
pax-utils FTBFS pax-utils-1.0.5-1.fc23
pcmanfm-qt FTBFS pcmanfm-qt-0.9.0-10.fc23
percona-xtrabackup FTBFS percona-xtrabackup-2.2.9-2.fc23
perftest FTBFS perftest-2.2-3.fc23
perl-IO-Tty FTBFS perl-IO-Tty-1.12-3.fc23
perl-Socket-MsgHdr FTBFS perl-Socket-MsgHdr-0.04-9.fc23
perl-Text-BibTeX FTBFS perl-Text-BibTeX-0.71-3.fc23
perl-threads-lite FTBFS perl-threads-lite-0.034-4.fc23
perl-Tk-TableMatrix FTBFS perl-Tk-TableMatrix-1.23-24.fc23
perl-Tk FTBFS perl-Tk-804.033-3.fc23
php-pecl-msgpack FTBFS php-pecl-msgpack-0.5.5-10.fc23
picmi FTBFS picmi-15.04.3-1.fc23
picojson FTBFS picojson-1.1.1-3.05f8f10.fc23
plasma-pa FTBFS plasma-pa-5.4.2-1.fc23
player FTBFS player-3.0.2-45.fc23
poezio FTBFS poezio-0.9-0.2.dfd6042.fc23
pokerth FTBFS pokerth-1.1.1-11.fc23
portmidi FTBFS portmidi-217-13.fc23
postal FTBFS postal-0.70-15.fc23
powertop FTBFS powertop-2.7-6.fc23
protobuf-c FTBFS protobuf-c-1.1.1-2.fc23
proxytunnel FTBFS proxytunnel-1.9.0-11.fc22
pspp FTBFS pspp-0.8.5-1.fc23
pth FTBFS pth-2.0.7-26.fc23
pwmd FTBFS pwmd-3.0.7-1.fc22
pycairo FTBFS pycairo-1.10.0-2.fc23
pyifp FTBFS pyifp-0.2.2-10.fc22
pyparted FTBFS pyparted-3.10.7-1.fc23
python-djvulibre FTBFS python-djvulibre-0.3.9-4.fc22
python-gensim FTBFS python-gensim-0.10.0-4.fc23
python-kiwi FTBFS python-kiwi-1.9.38-5.fc23
python-openhpi FTBFS python-openhpi-1.2-0.12.20120322svn7120.fc23
python-pyblock FTBFS python-pyblock-0.53-8.fc22
python-twisted FTBFS python-twisted-15.1.0-2.fc23
python-urwid FTBFS python-urwid-1.3.0-2.fc23
python-webm FTBFS python-webm-0.2.2-6.fc21
python3-cairo FTBFS python3-cairo-1.10.0-12.fc23
p7zip FTBFS p7zip-9.20.1-10.fc23
qalculate-kde FTBFS qalculate-kde-
qbittorrent FTBFS qbittorrent-3.2.3-2.fc23
qesteidutil FTBFS qesteidutil-3.10.1-5.fc23
qpid-cpp FTBFS qpid-cpp-0.34-1.fc23
qtbrowserplugin FTBFS qtbrowserplugin-2.4-5.fc23
qtwebkit FTBFS qtwebkit-2.3.4-8.fc23
qt FTBFS qt-4.8.7-3.1.fc23
qupzilla FTBFS qupzilla-1.8.6-5.fc23
ratbox-services FTBFS ratbox-services-1.2.1-11.fc21
ratpoints FTBFS ratpoints-2.1.3-10.fc22
rawtherapee FTBFS rawtherapee-4.2-11.fc23
rcsslogplayer FTBFS rcsslogplayer-15.1.1-9.fc23
rcssmonitor FTBFS rcssmonitor-15.1.1-11.fc23
rcssserver FTBFS rcssserver-15.2.2-14.fc23
realmd FTBFS realmd-0.16.2-1.fc23
regexxer FTBFS regexxer-0.9-17.fc23
rekall FTBFS rekall-2.4.6-29.fc22
resource-agents FTBFS resource-agents-3.9.6-2.fc23.1
rocs FTBFS rocs-15.08.0-1.fc23
rp-pppoe FTBFS rp-pppoe-3.11-14.fc23
rsyslog FTBFS rsyslog-8.10.0-1.fc23
rubygem-poppler FTBFS rubygem-poppler-3.0.5-1.fc23
rubygem-RedCloth FTBFS rubygem-RedCloth-4.2.9-11.fc23
ruby FTBFS ruby-2.2.3-44.fc23
R FTBFS R-3.2.2-1.fc23
scanmem FTBFS scanmem-0.15.2-1.fc23
scidavis FTBFS scidavis-1.D8-12.fc23
scipy FTBFS scipy-0.14.1-1.fc22
sdljava FTBFS sdljava-0.9.1-29.fc23
seamonkey FTBFS seamonkey-2.35-1.fc23
seq24 FTBFS seq24-0.9.3-0.9.r131.fc23
se-sandbox-runner FTBFS se-sandbox-runner-1.6.13-3.fc23
setools FTBFS setools-3.3.8-7.fc23
sigar FTBFS sigar-1.6.5-0.15.git58097d9.fc23
signon FTBFS signon-8.57-7.fc23
sim FTBFS sim-0.9.5-0.42.20091129svn3078rev.fc23
sitecopy FTBFS sitecopy-0.16.6-15.fc23
skf FTBFS skf-2.00.1-1.fc23
ski FTBFS ski-1.3.2-18.fc23
snapper FTBFS snapper-0.2.5-6.fc23
sobby FTBFS sobby-0.4.7-11.fc23
sockperf FTBFS sockperf-2.5.244-4.fc23
sonic-visualiser FTBFS sonic-visualiser-2.4.1-4.fc23
speexdsp FTBFS speexdsp-1.2-0.6.rc3.fc23
spim FTBFS spim-20111122-0.10.svn.fc23
squid FTBFS squid-3.5.3-5.fc23
sslogger FTBFS sslogger-0.96-13.fc22
sstp-client FTBFS sstp-client-1.0.10-2.fc23
star FTBFS star-1.5.3-5.fc23
steadyflow FTBFS steadyflow-0.2.0-4.fc22
stellarium FTBFS stellarium-0.13.3-2.fc23
step FTBFS step-15.04.2-2.fc23
storaged FTBFS storaged-2.1.1-1.fc23
subtitleeditor FTBFS subtitleeditor-0.41.0-8.fc23
subversion FTBFS subversion-1.9.2-1.fc23
suricata FTBFS suricata-2.0.8-2.fc23
synaptic FTBFS synaptic-0.57.2-38.fc23
synergy FTBFS synergy-1.6.2-3.fc23
synfig FTBFS synfig-0.64.3-7.fc23
sysklogd FTBFS sysklogd-1.5-19.fc23
sysstat FTBFS sysstat-11.1.5-1.fc23
tachyon FTBFS tachyon-0.99-0.13.b6.fc23
tar FTBFS tar-1.28-6.fc23
taxipilot FTBFS taxipilot-0.9.2-20.fc23
tcsh FTBFS tcsh-6.19.00-3.fc23
telepathy-glib FTBFS telepathy-glib-0.24.1-2.fc23
telepathy-haze FTBFS telepathy-haze-0.8.0-3.fc22
testdisk FTBFS testdisk-7.0-3.fc23
tetex-dvipost FTBFS tetex-dvipost-1.1-20.fc23
texinfo FTBFS texinfo-6.0-1.fc23
thinkfan FTBFS thinkfan-0.9.2-2.fc23
thunderbird FTBFS thunderbird-38.3.0-1.fc23
tkdnd FTBFS tkdnd-2.6-6.fc23
tmispell-voikko FTBFS tmispell-voikko-0.7.1-15.fc23
tog-pegasus FTBFS tog-pegasus-2.14.1-28.fc23
trafficserver FTBFS trafficserver-5.3.0-3.fc23
trinity FTBFS trinity-1.5-2.fc23
trojita FTBFS trojita-0.5-8.fc23
ucblogo FTBFS ucblogo-6.0-17.fc23
uClibc FTBFS uClibc- uClibc-
udev-browse FTBFS udev-browse-0.3-5.fc22
uhd FTBFS uhd-3.8.2-8.fc23
uisp FTBFS uisp-20050207-17.fc23
ulogd FTBFS ulogd-2.0.4-2.fc21
uriparser FTBFS uriparser-0.8.2-1.fc23
userspace-rcu FTBFS userspace-rcu-0.8.6-2.fc23
ustl FTBFS ustl-2.1-4.fc22
vaspview FTBFS vaspview-1.05-11.fc22
vifm FTBFS vifm-0.8-1.fc23
webcpp FTBFS webcpp-0.8.4-14.fc23
weechat FTBFS weechat-1.2-4.fc23
wmnd FTBFS wmnd-0.4.17-8.fc23
workrave FTBFS workrave-1.10-9.fc23
wpan-tools FTBFS wpan-tools-0.5-1.fc23
xemacs FTBFS xemacs-21.5.34-12.20150929hga76c9268bb72.fc23
xchat-gnome FTBFS xchat-gnome-0.26.2-20.git40c5bf988.fc23
xlog FTBFS xlog-2.0.11-5.fc23
xmlstarlet FTBFS xmlstarlet-1.6.1-4.fc23
xmltooling FTBFS xmltooling-1.4.2-10.fc23
xmobar FTBFS xmobar-0.23.1-2.fc23
xulrunner FTBFS xulrunner-40.0-1.fc23
yapet FTBFS yapet-1.0-5.fc23
yaws FTBFS yaws-1.98-7.fc23
ykpers FTBFS ykpers-1.17.2-2.fc23
yoshimi FTBFS yoshimi-
zathura-pdf-mupdf FTBFS zathura-pdf-mupdf-0.2.8-3.fc23
zbackup FTBFS zbackup-1.4.4-1.fc23
zn_poly FTBFS zn_poly-0.9-12.fc23.2
zsh FTBFS zsh-5.0.8-6.fc23
3Depict FTBFS 3Depict-0.0.18-2.fc23
7kaa FTBFS 7kaa-2.14.5-8.fc23