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RISC-V (pronounced "RISC Five") is an open source instruction set architecture (ISA). This project, informally called Fedora/RISC-V, aims to provide a complete Fedora experience on the RISC-V (64 bit, RV64G) architecture.


Disk images, RPMs, SRPMs. Log files and status from the autobuilder.
The autobuilder source.
Scripts used to build the stage4 disk image.
The COPR repository (for Fedora 24/x86_64) containing: QEMU, Spike, cross-compiler toolchain (obsolete)

Bootstrapping is over so the following links are now obsolete:
Git repository containing the bootstrapping work. Read the README file!
Interim stage3 disk images built by rwmj
Interim stage3 disk and kernel images built by davidlt.


Last updated: 2016-10-01

Stage4 disk images, RPMs, SRPMs, etc are now available here. We also need volunteers to help with building packages.

All packages that are built in Koji are currently being autobuilt against the stage4 disk image. The autobuilder status page is here


On FreeNode IRC: #fedora-riscv

There is no specific mailing list, use the general Fedora developers' mailing list.