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FUDCon Brno 2008

Brno, Czech Republic :: September 5 - 7, 2008


For questions, please contact MaxSpevack, RadekVokal and MarekMahut

Friday, September 5 -- Hackfest day 1.

Saturday, September 6 -- BarCamp with sessions, talks, and presentations. Social Event in the evening! This is the most important day of the FUDCon!

Sunday, September 7 -- Hackfest day 2.

The specific schedule for each day is coming soon!




There are several ways to get to Brno.

  1. Fly directly to Brno's airport (BRQ) (Check SmartWings and Ryanair for direct flights)
  2. Fly to Prague (PRG) and travel to Brno (BRQ)
  3. Fly to Vienna (VIE) and take a bus or a train (check connections here: )

This page appears to have some good information, but I (Max) have never made the trip personally. (If someone has more information, feel free to update this section!)

Current Attendees

Please add your name to the list if you will attend.

No. Name Need Lodging? Comments
1 MaxSpevack yes -
2 JeroenVanMeeuwen yes
3 GianlucaVarisco yes -
4 JensKuehnel yes -
5 DimitrisGlezos yes -
6 LucaFoppiano yes -
7 SandroMathys yes -
8 JonathanRoberts yes -
9 RadekVokal no -
10 AdamTkac no -
11 MarcelaMaslanova no -
12 IvanaVarekova no -
13 FabianAffolter yes I will try to make it happen
14 LubomirRintel no -
15 MartinSivak yes -
16 DanHorak no -
17 MartinKoci no -
18 MarekMahut no will help with organization
19 MatejCepl no will help with organization, living in Prague
20 AlexanderTodorov no -
21 OndrejVasik no -
22 AdamPribyl no -
23 JoergSimon yes -
24 OliverFalk yes Can only attend on Friday
25 FrancescoUgolini yes 90% sure to attend
26 AntonArapov no -
27 AndreaModestoRossi yes 80% sure to attend
28 FrancescoCrippa yes -
29 ThomasWoerner yes -
30 DominikMierzejewski yes planning to attend
31 MartinNagy no -
32 HaraldHoyer yes -
33 AdrianPilchowiec no 90% sure to attend
34 MichalSchmidt no -
35 VitFoukal no -


If you will pitch a session at the BarCamp on Saturday, give your name and brief description here.

  • Max Spevack - Fedora Websites team, and how you can help.
  • Any topic that is interesting to you!

Hackfest topics

  • Becoming a Fedora Package Maintainer (needs a leader)
  • Any project you are working on!

Information for Organizational Team

There is a weekly organization/planning meeting in #fedora-meeting on Freenode every Tuesday at 13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST).

Current action items:

  • Update travel information on wiki (MarkeMahut)
  • Breakfast and lunch for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (RadekVokal)
  • Wireless network for the location (MarekMahut)
  • Projectors from the RH office (MarekMahut)
  • Social event on Saturday night (RadekVokal)
  • Tshirts (MaxSpevack)
  • Travel subsidies and sponsorships (MaxSpevack)
  • Publicity on Fedora Planet & mailing lists (MaxSpevack)
  • Email/invitation to Brno and Stuttgart offices (MaxSpevack)
  • LATER: Confirm number of rooms with hotel (RadekVokal)
  • LATER: Figure out how much of hotel bill can be paid from FUDCon budget (MaxSpevack)

Total budget from Fedora Project:

  • 20k USD = 12.5k EUR = 290k CZK