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Sandro "red" Mathys

I'm trying to keep my page up to date and include every bit that is interesting to others. Drop me a line if you have suggestions on how I could improve it. Also, I'm aware that my English skills are far from perfect - you are very welcome to help me if there's something wrong.

About myself

Sandro Mathys
Sandro Mathys
  • Name: Sandro Mathys
  • Nickname: red or red_trela
  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Time zone: JST (UTC+09:00) all year round
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Languages: English, (both Swiss and standard) German, and very basic Japanese
  • Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Communications Systems and Informatics
  • Profession: MidoNet Community Manager at Midokura
  • Certifications: RHCE
  • Awards: European RHCE of the Year 2010



Fedora user since, well, Red Hat Linux 6.2. Active Fedora Contributor since 2007, but my roles have changed a few times over the years. Most recently, I've been involved in cloudy matters (mostly Fedora cloud images and OpenStack).

Activities and Roles

In one word, my activities and roles are ever-changing. Both my professional and my private interests have shifted a few times and I try to only stick with a role for as long as I seem to add value to the Fedora Project, Working Group or Special Interest Group. Also, my time is limited and therefore I sometimes have to set priorities. So my current and former activies and roles include:

  • Occasionally still active in former roles (doing package reviews, promotion at events / spreading the word about Fedora, QA, etc.)
  • Former founding voting member of the Fedora Cloud Working Group
  • Former member of the Fedora Cloud SIG (mostly through the above two points)
  • Former contributor to various OpenStack-related efforts both up- and downstream (RDO, Packstack, Puppet-OpenStack, QA)
  • Former contributor to the Fedora Cloud Image (mostly QA and some experience-sharing)
  • Former member of the QA team, mainly involved in release QA
  • Former Proven Tester, mostly reacting to somewhat important requests in #fedora-qa or on the test list
  • Former Package Maintainer of several small packages - only one (with a dead upstream) left now
  • Former founding member of the Community Working Group, left after the Code of Conduct (CoC) and the CoC Enforcement were formally approved
  • Former Fedora Ambassador, still often seen at events
  • Former member of the infrastructure team, doing rather unimportant, small tasks regarding Fedora Hosted


List of events I attended or plan to attend in future in chronological order, earliest first.

Future events


Passed events


Other work done