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This page provides all the information that people need regarding Fedora's presence at LinuxTag in 2009.


LinuxTag is a free software expo and conference with an emphasis on Linux. It is relatively large, in 2008 over 11.000 visitors from around 30 nations, claiming that it is the largest expo of this kind in Europe. The LinuxTag byline in this year is "where .COM meets .ORG". This includes both representatives from not-for-profit/community projects and from companies.

When and Where

  • Tuesday June 23 -- Setup of booth, briefing for Ambassadors, and dinner.
  • Wednesday June 24 to Saturday June 27 -- LinuxTag.
  • Friday June 26 to Sunday June 28 -- FUDCon Berlin 2009.

LinuxTag 2009 is located at Messe am Funkturm, Berlin, Germany.

The primary Ambassadors in charge of LinuxTag is GeroldKassube. FabianAffolter is the deputy, and together they lead the Fedora LinuxTag Team, which is organizing the event.

We have put together a Survival Kit for attendees.

LinuxTag Booth and FUDCon Personnel

Please add yourself to the list below if you want to attend and if you are really sure that you want to work at the booth and at FUDCon.

LinuxTag 2009:

  • Booth setup on Tuesday June 23
  • Open from June 24 to 27 (Wednesday to Saturday).
  • Booth tear down on Saturday 27 after LinuxTag closed.

FudCon Berlin 2009:

  • Open from June 26 to 28 (Friday to Sunday).

The facts in short:

  • At the end of April 10 to 15 people are selected from the list.
  • Booth work: 5 slots of booth work per person (10 hours all together). There are 4 slots per day with 2 hours per slot, first starting at 10am.
  • FUDCon work: tasks will be assigned as needed.

After the people are selected these need to sign up the working slots in the Booth Attendance table.

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Name I want to work at the booth I need a hotel Comments
Andreas Rau X X
Bert Desmet X X
Chitlesh Goorah X X Will give a talk about FEL
Christoph Wickert X ? Has several talks, not only Fedora, so not too much booth presence
FrancescoCrippa X X
Gerold Kassube X X
Henrik Heigl X X if possible also more that 6 slots ...
Máirín Duffy X X I'll bring Fedora stickers and tattoos!
Marek Mahut X X Would like to attend this event, not sure yet.
Nils Philippsen X X
Phil Knirsch X X Will have 1 talk most likely
Robert Scheck X X
Sandro Mathys X X Wants way more than 5 slots...
Thomas Woerner X X
Yaakov Nemoy X X Not 100% sure i will be there, but count on it happening :)
Felix Kaechele X X
JoergSimon FedoraLogistic Booth Setup and Booth Take Down

--GeroldKa 11:10, 31. May 2009 (UTC)


As with previous years, there will be a block of hotel rooms available for Ambassadors who are working to make the event successful.

Watch this page for more information.


The organization and booth setup staff is being organized here.

Items needed for the booth:

  • Stickers
  • Posters and Fedora textile banners.
  • Live CDs
  • Shirts and other swag.
  • Live USB station.
  • XO, EeePC, or other special hardware.

Booth network

Daily Schedule

Tuesday 23 June

  • Booth setup.
  • Briefing for Ambassadors. (Short meeting specifically about LinuxTag).
  • Dinner.

Wednesday 24 June

  • Normal day of LinuxTag.
  • Fedora EMEA e.V. membership meeting (open to members and public)

Thursday 25 June

Friday 26 June

Saturday 27 June

Sunday 28 June