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Robert Scheck

Hello, my name is Robert Scheck. Some of the Red Hat people and Fedora contributors maybe know me from my Bugzilla reports after updating my development system to Fedora Rawhide. Personally, I'm now 38 years old and of course, I've got also non-technical hobbies like meeting my friends, reading exciting books, playing billiard, swimming or just listen music.

Professionally, I'm a programmer at Linux and ERP environments working for a young and tiny IT company called ETES GmbH. Some time before I did my apprenticeship to IT specialist field systems integration at Hewlett-Packard Germany as result of my personal interest in computers started in December 1998. And in July 2004, I did my certification as Red Hat Certified Technician - during my apprenticeship, but paid by me! ;-)

Below you'll find a list of Open Source Projects I was involved in the past. At the end of this page, there are Fedora and EPEL packages listed I'm maintaining or co-maintaining since I got sponsored by Hans de Goede in June 2006. In March 2007, I got Fedora Ambassador with the initial goal to support the LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin/Germany. I'm also part of the Fedora Websites Team for translating the content of the Fedora websites into German. Currently I'm maintaining the German static websites of on my domain

With the beginning of RPM Fusion in November 2008, I started to contribute there as well. RPM Fusion is an additional repository for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux including packages and software which can't go directly into Fedora or EPEL for different reasons. In January 2009, Joerg Simon asked me to be Fedora Community Mentor for Fedora Ambassadors around EMEA. During the Zarafa Summercamp in June 2009, I got the Zarafa Award as Best Open Source Contributor for my contributed patches to build Zarafa on bleeding edge Linux distributions. At the Zarafa Summercamp in June 2010, the Zarafa Award for the Best Community Contribution was hand over to me - for my work and efforts to get the Zarafa Groupware and Z-Push as RPM packages into Fedora and RPM Fusion which finally happened in February 2010.

Some information

IRC and Instant Messaging

  • Libera: #fedora-devel, #fedora-de and #rpm channels with nickname rsc
  • IRCnet:, and #linuxger channels with nickname rsc
  • Jabber: rsc AT jabber DOT org

Area of Interest

I've got an own 1U rack server housed in Frankfurt/Germany, which is my "remote desktop", working and development system. So there are an Apache web server (httpd), FTP server (vsftpd), OpenSSH (sshd), mail services (Sendmail, MIMEDefang & UW IMAP), Network Time Protocol synchronisation (ntpd) and SELinux, too.

As the machine is a HP ProLiant DL360 G3 server, lm_sensors unfortunately doesn't support (yet?) the used ServerWorks GC-LE chipset, which is the reason, that I've got to merge and integrate needed things myself from the closed source HP Advanced Server Management. But there's still hope for me, because a working patch supporting HP SmartArrays in smartmontools was finished in April 2006 - finally after a very long time.

For monitoring the system, I'm using HotSaNIC. It is completely written in Perl and I wrote an own module to get the temperature and fan information from the non-standardized HP software. Another important point (or interest) is SELinux which had to be modified in the past a couple of times for example to support the very useful pam_abl.

The textbased e-mail client mutt(1), an IRC to other chat networks gateway called BitlBee together with the terminal based IRC client Irssi and screen(1) are completely fulfilling my need of "remote desktop" as already mentioned above. It's enough for me to read or write an e-mail (or even an instant message) from everywhere in the world and just requiring a SSH client at a computer...

Fedora Events and Fedora Ambassador

Open Source Projects

  • rpm2python - Web-based tool similar to rpm2html
  • mod_auth_useragent2 - Unsafe authentication using the User-Agent
  • ntpdate - Small replacement for the ISC NTP ntpdate
  • sip-redirect - Tiny IPv4 and IPv6 SIP redirect server
  • mod_log_post - Module to log all HTTP POST messages
  • x509watch - Simple tool to list expiring or expired X.509 certificates
  • pam_mapi - PAM module for authentication via MAPI against a Zarafa server
  • elem - Periodic table of the elements
  • jwhois - Jonas' Internet whois and nicname client

Fedora and EPEL Packages

I'm maintaining about 200 packages on all possible active Fedora and EPEL branches, for details see the Fedora Package Sources.