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Fedora Events: TÜBIX 2016 - Tuebingen, Germany

TÜBIX 2016 is a one day event about Linux and free software with talks, workshops and lightning talks for all kind of people, thus beginners, intermediates and experts - finally about 200-250 visitors. It takes place for the second time at the Wilhelm Schickard Institute of University Tübingen, one of Europe's oldest universities.

When and Where

Fedora Project Attendees

# Name Saturday Description and Comments Languages
1 Robert Scheck Checkmark.png Event Owner, Speaker DE, EN
2 Adrian Reber Checkmark.png Speaker DE, EN
3 Raphael Groner Checkmark.png Visitor DE, EN
4 Your Name Note.png Your role(s)
# Name Saturday Description and Comments Languages

Checkmark.png: Present Warning.png: Absent Note.png: TBD


The following talks were proposed and submitted to the coordination team:

Speaker Title Length Accepted?
Robert Scheck Mein erstes selbstgebautes RPM-Paket! 60 min Checkmark.png
Robert Scheck Nach dem ersten RPM gehts erst richtig los… 60 min Warning.png
Robert Scheck SELinux: Bitte nicht deaktivieren… 60 min Checkmark.png
Robert Scheck Mein eigener Jabber-Server mit Prosody 30 min Checkmark.png
Adrian Reber Container Migration using CRIU and LXC 30 min Checkmark.png
Speaker Title Length Accepted?

Checkmark.png : Accepted Warning.png : Declined Note.png : No idea yet


After the event