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FUDCon Pune is over.
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FUDCon India Logo
FUDCon India Logo

FUDCon Pune Website:

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developer's Conference, an opportunity for all who contribute to or use Fedora to meet, learn, plan, and hack. This event is free and is open to everyone. To learn about what a FUDCon is like, you can view a video from the North American FUDCon 2009. Please read and understand it thoroughly if you are a event organizing volunteer. If you are responsible for finding a good place, refer to the requirements listed in

Event Owner

Event Host

Department of Computer Engineering and I.T.
College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP)

CoEP Coordinator

  • Prof. Abhijit A.M.

Micro bloggers

Use #fudconin11 as the hashtag for and Twitter posts

Venue, date and time

* Venue: COEP (College of Engineering, Pune).  
* Date:  4th, 5th and 6th of November 2011.  Friday and Saturday are talks and Sunday is the hackfest.  
* Time:  8 AM for 4th.  9 AM on 5th and 6th. 

Saturday night is FUDPub. If you are coming from outside Pune, we recommend that you arrive by 3rd night and leave by 7th morning.

Speaker guidelines

  • The delegates are likely to be primarily students and many will be new to free and open source software. Make talks accessible to this audience.
  • Motivate people to get involved in hackfests and run ones associated with your talks if you can. We are dedicating the entire Sunday for them, Even if you do not get much participation, doing your free software work transparently is often inspiring.
  • When you are asked any questions during your talk, repeat the question in the mic before answering them. We are planning to record talks and it would make it easier for anyone watching the videos later if you repeat the question.
  • Delegates may be hesitant to ask questions. Encourage them to do so. Keep it casual.
  • Use the general Fedora templates for presentations if you haven't already created one and make sure you have contact information (email address, irc nick etc added to them).
  • If your organization is sponsoring your work, it is perfectly ok and even recommended that you give credit. However remember this is a free software technical conference and not a commercial or corporate event. Tailor your presentation accordingly.
  • We are a free software and content focused community. Make available your slides under a standard free content license. We recommend creative commons attribute share alike (CC-BY-SA) license. In addition to your slides, make any "source" material available for your slides publicly. Merely PDF is not reusable. ODP or latex source material would be useful. If you use images publicly available under CC-BY-SA, don't forget to add credits to your presentation.
  • Be prepared to talk without slides. Projectors, power grid can go off without notice.
  • It is required to blog about your experience at FUDCon. Refer Event Reporting Guidelines to ensure you cover the event as expected.
  • Even though we are working to get a reasonable number of power outlets for charging laptops, ensure to recharge them completely at the hotel and be prepared to walk to a different talk room to get an unused charging slot.
  • To help involve people who are participating remotely via IRC, identify someone before you start the talk to take notes on your talk and the Q&A sessions. These notes can be taken online in real-time on a site like or on a blog post that's aggregated to Fedora Planet.
  • Follow the Fedora motto and "Be excellent to each other". That means no rudeness, sexism etc. We are a community first and we will not hesitate to evict anyone who does not behave appropriately. If you have any concerns, bring up the issue to the organizers.
  • Last but not the least, hallway conversations are often as important if not even more important than your talks. Hang around, talk to people and have fun!

Travel info

Pune is the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra and is located about 120 kilometers or 75 miles from Mumbai.

Pune has an airport; however international travellers, especially from US and Europe, might consider flying in to Mumbai and getting a flight/taxi from Mumbai to Pune for a more economical plan. Flight takes about an hour and taxi takes about 3 to 4 hours. Getting a taxi is naturally cheaper and we can arrange taxi locally. The cost for a taxi should be less than $100. Sharing a taxi will be preferred for people coming in around similar times, bringing down that cost.


The official Indian Tourism website

Find Tourist places in India

The website for Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation

Hotel info

We recommend [Cocoon]. If your sponsorship request is approved, we will book a hotel room for you. You can just let us know your travel plan (flight details, dates and time of arrival/departure) and who you prefer to share your room with and we will take care of the rest.

Getting sponsored

If you want to get sponsored to attend this event, refer to


free and open
FUDCon is free and open for everyone to attend. Registration is required to minimise hassles at the venue and ensure your swag. Register at

Older list of pre-registered participants


Submitting talks / hackfests
Proposed talks are listed at If you want to submit a talk, visit

with [Hackfest] in subject.

FUDCons usually have a Barcamp format for deciding on the talks. However, to avoid confusion due to the large number of expected participants and talks, we will have a draft schedule of talks ready before the conference. Speakers are requested to submit their talk sessions beforehand to avoid last-minute confusions and delays. The last date for submission of talks on the website is 23rd October. The schedule will be put up on the site after that date.

For the list of talks that were previously aggregated here, visit FUDCon:India 2011 Talks. You will have to submit a talk to the website even if you put in a talk abstract here previously.

We plan to have Talks, Hackfests, Demos and Lightning Sessions at the FUDCon.


Visit for details on the organization team.

Artwork and Content



Buttons & Banners

FUDCon Website Content

Planning Details

Bidding Info

FUDCon India planning meetings

IRC meetings

IRC meetings happen every Friday 1:00 PM UTC (6:30 PM IST) in #fudcon-planning channel in Everyone is welcome and free to participate

Face to face meetings

Face to face meetings happen every Tuesday 3:00 PM in Red Hat Pune office. Everyone is welcome to participate. Just drop a mail to Rahul Sundaram if you are planning to attend

Budget Details

Detailed budget estimates: Current total estimate: USD 15707

FUDCon APAC has been provided a tentative budget of 15000 US Dollars as per

Rahul Sundaram will talk to teams within Red Hat and others on complimenting the budget but for the bidding process, our planning must be limited within this amount. Note that if a Red Hat person comes from some other country, his or her manager will generally fund that travel and that's what we will encourage. Max Spevack has additional discretionary budget in special cases. Community volunteers need funds to be taken out of the FUDCon allotted budget typically.

Travel and Accommodation details for the Sponsored Guests