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Fedora Events: FSCONS 2010 - Gothenburg, Sweden

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The FSCONS 2010 (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit) is the Nordic countries largest meeting place for social change. It's a conference for and by the people who work to change our future. Legal guardian for the conference is the Society for Free Culture and Software, which is assisted by a host of other organisations.

The event bridges the gap between free software and cultural freedom. Co-arranged by Free Software Foundation Europe, Serengeti, Wikimedia Sverige, Creative Commons, FriBit and EFN, the FSCONS is already a landmark event in bringing the different movements working for digital freedom together.

Gathered around a series of interesting themes, more than 50 speakers will talk in 2010 about topics that include embedded systems, ethics, digital infrastructure, rapid prototyping, hackerspaces, decentralised networks, free software, forks of the free software philosophy and social movements. During the conference, organisations and projects will also be available and present their work including the Fedora Community, Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation Europe and the RepRap Project.

Finally, the FSCONS 2010 will be the 4th time a cross-cultural meeting place where grass root organisations, companies, academics, cultural workers and hackers come together in a united effort to discuss and liberate all aspects of digital culture.

When and Where



We should have 2-3 Ambassadors to have always at least one Ambassador on the Booth.

# Name Friday Saturday Sunday Description and Comments Languages
1 Robert Scheck Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Event Owner, Booth Personnel EN, DE
2 Roger Sinel Warning.png Warning.png Warning.png Booth Personnel EN, SE
3 Henrik Nordström Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Booth Personnel EN, SE
# Name Friday Saturday Sunday Description and Comments Languages

Checkmark.png = Present
Warning.png = Absent
Note.png = TBD

Fedora got in total three vouchers for booth personnel, all three got assigned in the meantime.


We can expect from the organizer:

What we bring:


  • Booth has been confirmed by Jonas Öberg
  • Received 3 vouchers for booth personnel by Jonas Öberg
  • Tickets for booth personal arrived and were forwarded
  • Swag and booth material was picked up by Robert Scheck
  • Roger Sinel got unfortunately sick and missed the event
  • Event took successfully place, see sections below