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Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels, Belgium

What to do if you are attending

First, sign up here.

Name Group Saturday Sunday Description Languages
FredericHornain Fedora Event Owner EN, FR
MaxSpevack Fedora Speaker EN
JoergSimon Fedora FedoraLogistic, Booth EN, DE
ChitleshGoorah Fedora Speaker and Booth personnel EN, FR
GeroldKassube Fedora Booth staff EN, DE
FabianAffolter Fedora Booth personnel EN, DE, FR
PierrosPapadeas Fedora Booth personnel & Logistics EN, EL
KostasAntonakoglou Fedora Booth personnel and Logistics EN, EL
ChristophWickert Fedora/LXDE Speaker EN, DE
FrancescoCrippa Fedora Speaker and Booth personnel EN, IT
Robert Lazzurs Cobbler/Koan Speaker and Booth personnel EN
Jasper Capel Cobbler/Koan Speaker EN, NL
Simo Sorce FreeIPA Speaker EN
ThomasCanniot Fedora Speaker and booth personnel EN, FR
Raphael Pinson Augeas Speaker EN
Robert Scheck Fedora Booth personnel EN, DE
MarekMahut Fedora Booth assistance EN, FR, CZ, SK, PL
XavierLamien Fedora Booth personnel EN, FR
PierreYvesChibon Fedora Booth personnel EN, FR
PabloMartin-Gomez Fedora Booth personnel EN, FR, ES
MaximeCarron Fedora Booth personnel EN, FR
LucaFoppiano Fedora Speaker and Booth personnel EN, IT
LorenzoVillani Fedora Booth personnel EN, IT
Tomeu Vizoso Sugar Speaker ES, EN, PT, CZ
GregDeKoenigsberg Fedora/Sugar Speaker EN
AlasdairKergon Fedora Booth EN
JensKuehnel Fedora Booth EN, DE
HenrikHeigl Fedora Booth EN, DE
Jeroen van Meeuwen Fedora Speaker NL, EN
Armel Kermorvant Fedora Booth personnel EN, FR
Sandro Mathys Fedora Booth personnel EN, DE
Dimitris Glezos Fedora Booth personnel EN, EL
FelixKaechele Fedora Booth personnel DE, EN
NicolasChauvet Fedora Booth personnel FR, EN
Andreas Thienemann Fedora Whatever is needed, slacking otherwise DE, EN, FR
JonathanBasse Fedora Booth EN, FR
Bert Desmet Fedora Booth personnel EN, NL
AlexandreDulaunoy Fedora + Various Booth help if needed + misc EN, FR
SebastianDziallas Fedora/EDU Booth personnel EN, DE, FR
BogomilShopov Fedora Booth help if needed + beer EN, BG
TomCallaway Fedora Whatever is needed EN
StefanHartsuiker Fedora Extra pair of hands or anything else really EN, DE, NL
MathieuBridon Fedora Whatever is needed FR, EN, PT
Yaakov Nemoy Fedora Booth + beer EN, DE, NL, some SV
Nicolas Mailhot Fedora General-purpose slacker + beer FR, EN
LennartPoettering Red Hat Banana in mano habeo EN, DE

 : Present  : Absentee  : No idea yet

Next, add your information to the Accommodation page.

If you volunteer as booth personnel, add yourself to the booth attendance schedule.

Finally, see the list (below) of things we need for the booth.

Booth and Dev Room organization

Things we need:

  • Fedora 10 CDs (Max)
    • Fedora 10 i686 DVDs - not know number yet (Marek)
  • Fedora tshirts (Max)
  • Fedora posters (Joerg)
  • Fedora (booth) banner (GeroldKa)
  • Blue table cloth (???)
    • Fedora Ambassador Polo (Joerg will bring the ordered +10 extra)
  • OLPC
    • Pierros will bring one XOC2 with F10 borrowed from Glezos,
    • Joerg will bring one XOB4,
    • JensKuehnel will bring an XOC2
    • GeroldKassube bring an XOC2
    • SebastianDziallas will also bring an XOC2 and some 'Fedora on XO' stuff
    • MathieuBridon will also bring an XO and a laptop with F10 / Sugar running on
    • Yaakov Nemoy will bring an XO too
  • Other swag -- buttons, etc.
    • 400 medium sized Fedora Logo Buttons (Pierros)
    • 200 small sized Fedora Logo Buttons (Pierros)
  • Stickers
    • Fedora Logo stickers (~1500 Pierros)
    • Fedora Laptop stickers (GeroldKa)
    • Few fedora stickers (Marek)
    • Sheets of stickers ~50+ (Yaakov Nemoy)
  • Pamphlets or flyers
    • 1300 A4 3-folded Fedora Generic flyers (Pierros) [1]
    • 800 A5 FEL flyers (Pierros) [2]
  • Hardware
    • Power Cords (Kostas will bring 3 5-socket power strips)
    • Networking
      • Some patch and crossover ethernet cables (Pierros)
      • A 5-port switch just in case for network sharing (Pierros)
    • Notebooks with F10 for Demo (Kostas, Pierros)
    • if needed Laptop + Beamer from Fedora EMEA e.V. (Joerg)
  • Sweets and takeaways
    • Yaakov Nemoy will buy a few bags of weird american sweets, though they go fast

Speakers in the Dev Room

Saturday Feb 7

  • 13:00 - RPM Packaging -- Christoph Wickert (Fedora)
  • 14:00 - Fedora Electronics Lab -- Chitlesh Goorah (Fedora)
  • 15:00 - Fedora-fr Next Challenges -- Thomas Canniot (Fedora)
  • 16:00 - Func & Symbolic -- Luca Foppiano & Francesco Crippa (Fedora)
  • 17:00 - Sugar and Fedora -- Tomeu Vizoso & Greg DeKoenigsberg (Fedora)
  • 18:00 - Augeas -- Raphael Pinson & Jeroen van Meeuwen (Fedora)

Sunday Feb 8

  • 10:00 - Introduction to CentOS -- Fabian Arrotin (CentOS)
  • 11:00 - Enterprise Linux Competitive Landscape -- Dag Wieers (CentOS)
  • 12:00 - CentOS on the desktop -- Toshaan Bharvani (CentOS)
  • 12:30 - Poor Man's SAN w/ CentOS and gPXE -- Andreas Rogge (CentOS)
  • 13:00 - Securing CentOS with SELinux -- Ralph Angenendt (CentOS)
  • 14:00 - Large CentOS LDAP Deployments -- Geerd Dietger Hoffmann (CentOS)
  • 15:00 - Cobbler & Koan -- Robert Lazzurs & Jasper Capel (Fedora)
  • 16:00 - Free IPA -- Simo Sorce (Fedora)

Location & Schedule

Friday, 6 February

There will be a FOSDEM beer event on Friday night before FOSDEM (6 February 2009).

Saturday, 7 February and Sunday, 8 February

Attendance and Parking is free

ULB Campus Solbosh
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles

Location ULB

ULB campus

The event is easily reachable by public transportation. For details, see below. If you are afraid of getting lost, the following links might help you:

Press Kit

In Pdf format : Fedora Press Kit for FOSDEM'09

In Odt format : Fedora Press Kit for FOSDEM'09


In Pdf format : Fedora Poster for FOSDEM'09

More information

Mailinglist: fosdem at We will inform you when news about FOSDEM is available.

For Spouses or partners

Spouses/partners: enjoy a guided tour of Brussels while your favorite geek attends FOSDEM !

This year, FOSDEM hires professional guides to offer a guided tours of Brussels for the spouses or partners. If he or she would like to accompany you, and is not interested in the FOSDEM conference, this will make the stay worthwhile. Brussels is a city with a rich historical past, and a cosmopolitan present.

The tours will take place both afternoons of the conference. The first one will give an introduction of the heart of Brussels, and the other one will cover different views of the city, and make sure you're back well on time.

The guides are from the organization Brukselbinnenstebuiten.

Please register