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Fedora Events: OpenExpo 2008 - Berne, Switzerland

OpenExpo, the Swiss fair and conference on FOSS, offers direct contact to the people behind the free projects and precise answers and firsthand-experiences. With a series of current lectures by long-standing national and international OSS experts and a chosen table-fair the OpenExpo offers competence within the topsoft fair for business software semiannual: every spring in Berne and during autumn in Zurich. A social event around the openness in the ICT featuring the presentations of several contributions, videos and cultures and music of different organizations is taking place at the evening after the first day starting with the OpenExpo 2008 in Berne.

When and Where

  • Wednesday, March 12th and Thursday 13th, 2008 (Opening hours will be 0900 till 1700 - Install Zone: 1000 till 2000)
  • Berne Wankdorf, Switzerland; BEA bern expo




This things are free of charge.

  • Space
  • one small tables
  • 3-4 chairs
  • WLAN-Internet-Access and electricity
  • one poster and space for this poster (Size A1 (594 × 841 mm)) -> Statistics Poster in german
  • no extra lights (spots)

There is no more or special equipment needed for the booth.


  • We will have just a table and space for some posters.
  • Demo machines with Gnome and KDE 4
  • XO

  • DVDs (some Fedora 8 Live CDs from MaxSpevack)
  • Posters A1 (reuse of the old posters)
  • T-Shirts (Joerg will take some with him)
  • Sticker (we have around 40 pieces from LinuxTag 2007 )

Install Zone

  • There'll be a install zone where visitors can install Linux on their Laptop/Computer with assistance.
  • See install zone website (German).
  • March 12 only.
  • Run by Puzzle ITC (Swiss open source oriented company).
  • Mainly Ubuntu is supported by Puzzle ITC (even though within Puzzle ITC itself, Fedora is most used distro).
  • Visitors can freely choose any other distro.
  • We should try to have at least one ambassador in the install zone to better support Fedora there.
  • Better support by Fedora means more Fedora means spreading the word about it even better.
  • As a side effect, we could get more in touch with Puzzle ITC which would be a good thing seeing they're using Fedora.


  • registered for a project booth 2007-11-09
  • first draft for a flyer done
  • started communication with the install zone team (Markus Tschannen of Puzzle ITC).