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General Information

Other Links
Logistics Budget

We will hold a 3-day FUDCon in parallel with the Red Hat Summit 2008.

For questions, please contact the event's organizers -- MaxSpevack, PaulFrields

The FUDCon will include two days of hackfests and possibly some presentations, followed by a day of BarCamp. The hackfest sessions will be at the Hynes Convention Center; the BarCamp day will be at Boston University.

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Thursday-Friday hackfest hours: 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday BarCamp hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Help Wanted

There will be a Fedora booth located near the Cool Stuff Store, outside the exhibit area. There will be a laptop here to use as a Live USB "filling station," and Summit attendees may stop by to ask questions about Fedora and FUDCon. Anyone receiving some sort of subsidy from the Fedora Project for travel and/or lodging should sign up here for at least one two-hour block.

Day Hours Responsible Fedoran
Tuesday 1800-2100 Jon Stanley (if table is open Tuesday night)
Wednesday 1130-1245 Spot
1200-1400 dgilmore
1400-1600 Toshio
1600-1730 Jon Stanley (if table is NOT open Tuesday night)
Thursday 1000-1200 JamesBenWilliams
1200-1400 Ricky Zhou and Ian Weller
1400-1600 Max Spevack
1600-1730 CLOSED for Jim Whitehurst's appearance at FUDCon
Friday 1000-1200 Stephen Smoogen
1200-1400 Jack Aboutboul

Current Attendees

PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR FUDCON BOSTON 2008. You can still attend without being pre-registered! FUDCon is open and free for everyone.

Total is 144 pre-registered attendees, 3 late registrants, and 7 cancellations or deleted entries

Daily Schedule

Wednesday June 18

FUDCon does not start until Thursday, but Wednesday is the first day of the Red Hat Summit .

Thursday June 19 & Friday June 20

LOCATION : Hynes Convention Center

TIME : Beginning at 9:00 a.m. each day.

Attendees to FUDCon will receive a different badge than attendees to the Red Hat Summit.

FUDCon is free to attend. You do not need to pre-register to attend, but pre-registration gives us a better idea of how to plan for food and space.

Coffee, drinks, and snacks will be available for FUDCon attendees.

FUDCon attendees will be able to wander in the Red Hat Summit Exhibition Hall. Additionally, all FUDCon attendees will be able to attend all of the Open Source tracks in the Red Hat Summit.

We will have three rooms in the Convention Center. One is a large room that holds approximately 200 people. There will be presentation style seating for approximately 100, as well as ten (10) round tables that will seat 8-12 people for workgroup formation. It will also have a podium, an A/V screen, and a couple tables with chairs at the front of the room. Any opening ceremonies happen in this room, as well as a special event on Thursday afternoon. There will be two smaller rooms that hold four (4) roundtable workgroups each. There will be plenty of whiteboards available for all the workgroups. We will also have a lobby area for registration, swag, and other displays.

On Thursday at 4:00 p.m., Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst will do a talk in the large FUDCon room.

There will be a series of lightning talks on Thursday evening following the hackfest, in the large room. A laptop will be available with standard Fedora software like and Evince for presentation slides. Note that slides are DISCOURAGED unless you use a format like Pecha Kucha .

Hackfest sessions

  • Session Name
  • Session Leader
  • General plan


  • Leader: Michael DeHaan
  • work on new modules and features for Func and also hack on the FuncWeb user interface


  • Leader: Chris Tyler
  • work out what's needed to improve multiseat support in Fedora. All the pieces are there, but the default configs of many of the pieces are not multiseat-friendly


  • Leader: Andrew Overholt
  • Introduction to Eclipse hacking. Maybe hack on specfile editor or koji integration.

Python and Unicode

  • Leader: JeremyKatz
  • Let's go through and clean up the unicode handling in various things within Fedora that are written in python. This will include making various bindings properly handle unicode strings (newt springs to mind) as well as other things.

SELinux, RPM, chroots, and you

  • Leaders: KarstenWade, EricParis, JesseKeating, SomeRPMPerson?
  • Compile current discussions and status around SELinux, RPM, etc.; make an action plan; start doing stuff; present results at BarCamp

First aid kit plugin development

Mountable debuginfo server on the web

  • Leaders: PeterJones, JesseKeating
  • Investigate using squid and apache for exporting /usr/lib/debug and /usr/src/debug DAV mountpoints to the world, exploding the packages dynamically on the backend to avoid huge storage requirements. This enables us to build a tool for userland applications, analogous to kerneloops, for reporting bugs when errors occur, without having to download entire debuginfo trees. It'll also work in situations where local disk is in short supply (i.e. during installation) and other situations. web application

  • Leader: Max Spevack
  • Plan what the web-based portion of will look like.
  • WHEN: Friday 10:00 AM

Secondary Arches Making it work

  • Leaders: DennisGilmore
  • finishing code to make it all just work. make build automatically happen in the right order.

Fedora QA - Building a Fedora Test Plan

  • Leaders: User:jlaska
  • Links:
  • Discussion around improving test coverage for Fedora, what a general test plan for Fedora should include and how it should look (test plans for new release features will be tackled separately). Anyone who felt like their favorite feature wasn't tested enough, or some basic F9 functionality was still broken, or just general thoughts/concerns about testing ... please come and discuss!

EPEL General brainstorming and problem solving hackfest

  • Leaders: KevinFenzi
  • Help Fedora packagers branch and build packages for EPEL. Fix up our broken deps scripts and issues. Work on buildsystem patches to get EPEL moved over to koji. General discussion about stable moves. Talk about how to get more ISV's involved. Any EPEL related work and discussion welcome!

MyFedora - Writing Embeddable Apps

  • Leaders: [JohnPalmieri John (J5) Palmieri]
  • MyFedora allows for easily writing mini-applications for displaying information on the front page. Join me during this hackfest to learn how to get your application up and running inside of MyFedora. Here is a list of ideas for application that would be useful:
    • Fedora Weekly News - A main display which shows the headline article and a secondary display which shows links to the various other articles and sections
    • Bugzilla - Show a users top bugs
    • Survey/Voting - Show surveys people can answer for fun and when voting comes around display the vote to the user (along with results after voting is done)
    • Urgent Message - Show urgent messages such as outages and release party announcements
    • Fedora Download Maps - Show a map with markers for which servers are getting hammered on the most. Add a counter for more fun.
    • Etc. - Apps are limited by your imagination and what data sources you can get through python and JavaScript

Lightning Talks:

Saturday June 21

LOCATION: Boston University, Photonics Bldg.

TIME: 9:00 a.m. SHARP. PLEASE try to be on time! All the important scheduling and other information about the sessions takes place between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

TRANSPORTATION: You will want to be leaving the Summit hotel area at 8:00 or 8:15 a.m. to get to BU on time. (Leave a few extra minutes if you need to pick up a badge and goodies at our "registration table" at BU.) Take the subway (called the "T") to Boston University -- here are directions to the subway from the Summit hotels. Attendees should take the Green Line's B Line to the Boston University Central stop. This stop lets you off right next to St. Mary's Street. The Photonics Center is located at 8 St. Mary's Street. Here is another useful map for when you get off the T. Come up to the mezzanine level to join in the fun.

This will be the Bar Camp day of presentations, sessions, and talks. Lunch will be provided. Attendance is free. At the end of the day, there will be a FUDPub at the Boston University student pub.

Session proposals with owners:

  1. Session Name -- Description -- Owner
  2. Fedora bug triage, update and recruitment :) -- Update on bug triage initiative, in person training, recruitment of new contributors -- JonStanley, JohnPoelstra
  3. Fedora contributor changes -- Status report on lowering barriers initiatives -- PaulFrields & MikeMcGrath
  4. Func -- The Fedora Network Controller (What Is It / New Stuff / Future) -- Michael DeHaan, Adrian Likins (+others?)
  5. Cobbler -- Deploy Physical And Virtual Systems The Easy Way (What Is It / New Stuff / Future) -- Michael DeHaan
  6. DocBook and the Fedora Docs Project -- An introduction to DocBook and some of the other tools the Fedora Docs Project uses -- JaredSmith and PaulFrields (+others?)
  7. Eclipse stuff -- Intro, tools you can use, how to hack, etc. -- AndrewOverholt
  8. PolicyKit stuff -- What it is, how it works, why it matters -- DavidZeuthen
  9. Augeas -- What it is, how it works, why it matters -- DavidLutterkort
  10. Python-2.x and Unicode -- Understanding why this seems insane and how to make it better -- ToshioKuratomi
  11. Fedora Package VCS 2.0 -- A serious discussion of what we want our package VCS to do and support so that we can actually replace CVS one day. (this is not a my vcs is better than your vcs flamewar) -- JesseKeating
  12. Seneca and Fedora -- Creating long-term contributors to open source communities -- ChrisTyler
  13. Usability testing of -- talk about the new usability testing initiative and how we can test with our friends and family -- IanWeller, MairinDuffy? and anyone else who wants to help
  14. Theories of measuring maturity of a Linux Infrastructure -- General discussion (Michael Stahnke)
  15. Community Services Infrastructure -- A new project based around how you _should_ be doing things (Mike McGrath)
  16. What's up in Live Land -- What's new with the livecd-tools, where are they going, etc (Jeremy Katz)
  17. Secondary Arches -- we need to work out things like signing packages, merging disparate SRPM trees. syncing updates to primary arches. Fun problems we need to solve. (Dennis Gilmore)
  18. Using and Hacking Frysk -- A cool and upcoming debugging framework. (Sami Wagiaalla)
  19. TurboGears2 -- An introduction to the new TG2 stack -- LukeMacken
  20. Fedora News -- The present and the future (MaxSpevack)
  21. Community Architecture -- what we are, what we do, and how it relates to Fedora (MaxSpevack)
  22. Video Editing using open formats. What tools are available, how to get started, digging in and making good professional tools - (JohnPalmieri)
  23. MyFedora - Where are we going and why aren't we there yet. This session will focus on how MyFedora integrates with the various Fedora infrastructure and how applications are built to mash them together into one intuitive interface. It will also look to the future on how we can bring this beyond Fedora to create decentralized social networks geared towards making it easier for various Free and Open Source islands to work more collaboratively and thus more efficiently together. The session will conclude with new name suggestions being gathered from the audience as MyFedora is a little 2003 and may polarize others outside of the community from participating. (JohnPalmieri)
  24. Ask a kernel guy - I didn't want to do another 'state of the union' kernel talk this time because it's kind of dull, but Spot suggested I lead a more general Q&A session, which sounds like it might be worthwhile.
  25. Wiki: how, what, where, why - How to use the wiki beyond just markup; what we did; where we did it; why it is that way ... and then we'll lead a discussion on wiki structure -- Ian Weller Karsten Wade

Sessions people would like to see that need an owner:

  1. Upstart -- Why replacing an aging init is a good thing
  2. SELinux, RPM, chroots, and you -- Get an update on how the hackfest went, hear what is coming next
  3. Howto sessions on Bodhi and/or Koji would be nice

Final Session Schedule

Room 201 202 203 205 206 (auditorium) 210
10:15 - 11:05 Spacewalk - Justin Community Architecture - Max Free Java - Tom / Eclipse - Andrew Bug Triage - Jon/John Community Services Infrastructure - Mike Wiki how-to and Wiki Structure - Karsten/Ian
11:15 - 12:05 OLPC Packaging - Dennis / Become a Fedora Package Maintainer - Max User identities in Fedora - Unicode in Python 2.x - Toshio Augeas - config editing API - David Myth TV - Jared Git 'er Done: An Intro to Git - Jeremy
13:15 - 14:05 Secondary Arches / Linux on the Mainframe: IBM Systems FUNC: Fedora Secre Network API usability testing Fedora Package SCM 2.0 Mirroring SELinux vs. chroot / SELinux Update
14:15 - 15:05 Seneca and Fedora Upstart Care and Feeding of SIGs Frysk Testopia TurboGears 2
15:15 - 16:05 Cobbler Ask a Kernel Guy Live Images: Past, Present, Future Packaging Posse Koji: What, why, where we're going MyFedora: Where we are going and why we aren't there yet
16:15 - 17:00 FUDCon Wrap-up and Comments - Auditorium

Audio from Paul's Speech, with a little snazzy intro and extro


FUDPub will be held at the Boston University student pub, from the end of the BarCamp at 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

The Fedora Project is buying the first round; after that, there is a cash bar. We are also buying dinner at the pub.

At 10:00 p.m., if people want to continue FUDPub, we can continue the festivities at an agreed-upon local venue.

Directions to FUDPub Boston 2008

For more FUDCon Toronto 2011 Reference:

  • Looking for the Sunday schedule? See FUDCon:Toronto 2011 Sunday schedule.
  • Looking for the BarCamp schedule?|See FUDCon:Toronto 2011 BarCamp Schedule.
  • Live streaming!|OGG streams of rooms 1 and 2 at FUDCon: Room 1 Room 2

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developer's Conference, an opportunity for all who contribute to or use Fedora to meet, learn, plan, and hack. This event is free and is open to everyone. To learn about what a FUDCon is like, you can view a video from the last North American FUDCon.

Travel Details


United Airlines is the official travel partner for Red Hat Summit and is offering Summit and FUDCon attendees special discounted reservations unavailable to the general public. Call United's toll-free number (800) 521-4041 seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST. Please refer Meeting ID Number 515GB to take advantage of promotional fares that give you the greatest discount.

The same discounts apply on United Express. Mileage Plus members receive full credit for all miles flown to this meeting. If you reside outside the United States, please call your local United office to receive these savings.


Summit Hotels

These hotel rates have been secured for the Red Hat Summit but FUDCon attendees can use them too. The hotels are all very close to the T's green line, and thus convenient to Boston University.

~+ Book your hotel room(s) now and get the lowest rate: Reserve Your Hotel +~

  • Or call our toll free at 888-846-0195 in the US or (506) 637- 0318 outside the US
  • Hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm EST.
Sheraton Boston Hotel

Connected to the Hynes Convention Center - Rate is $219 per night

Nestled in the charming and historic Back Bay, the Sheraton Boston Hotel is ideally situated for business and leisure travelers making us the region’s premiere hotel and convention venues. The hotel offers an indoor connection to the Hynes Convention Center and over 200 shops at The Shops at the Prudential Center, and Copley Place Mall. Restaurants offering every type of cuisine and setting are also located under the same off as the Sheraton.

All 1,216 guest rooms feature our signature Sheraton Sweet Sleeper TM Bed, High Speed Internet Access, individual climate controls, and a new communications package which offers one low fixed price in room movies, coffee and tea maker, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, unlimited domestic long distance phone calls, operator assistance, local phone calls, and toll free 1-800 calls. Our Atlantis Sports Club near is a state of the art fitness facility.

Hotel Services:

  • Check-In Time: 3pm
  • Check-Out Time: 12pm
  • Valet Parking: $41.00 per day with in/out privileges (subject to change)
  • Self Parking: $39.00 each time you enter (subject to change)
Hilton Boston Back Bay

Across the Street from the Hynes Convention Center - Rate is $239 per night

Enjoy New England-style charm and sophistication at Hilton Boston Back Bay.

A $19 million renovation has transformed the property into a state-of-the-art hotel. All 385 guest rooms, the lobby, dining establishments and public areas have been updated. Ideally located in the heart of Boston's prestigious and historic Back Bay neighborhood, the Hilton is only four miles from Logan International Airport and right across the street from the Hynes Convention Center. Some of Boston's leading attractions including Fenway Park, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Common are also easily accessible from the hotel.

Hotel Services:

  • Check-In Time: 3:00pm
  • Check-Out Time: 12:00pm
  • Self Parking: $35.00 per night (subject to change)
  • Valet Parking: $39.00 per night (subject to change)

Deposit Information & Cancellation Policy: A credit card number is required at the time of reserving your room and will be used to guarantee your reservation only.

Policy Details

Hotel accommodations and rates are based upon availability and are valid until May 20, 2008, at which time they are subject to change. Hotel rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes (currently 12.45% per room, per night) and are not included in the rate. This discounted hotel room rate is only available through IDG World Expo. Room rates include a rebate to IDG World Expo to offset production costs.

Reservations may be changed, based upon availability, or canceled until 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date without penalty. Cancellations received less than 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date will be charged one-night's room and tax.