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Notes from the FUDCon talk.


  • Default search
    • Backport changes in to preferences without blowing away customizations?
      • Check to see if it was ever changed?


  • Bottom of the page by policy


  • Templates: namespace
  • First letter of all templates are case insensitive
    • First letter of page name are always (re)capitalized
    • {{struct: }}
    • {{needs love}}

Talk pages (Discussion)

  • Use the [+]
  • Talk:
  • User_talk:


  • / in a name denotes a chunk?
  • How to best pull structured and indexable information?

To do

  • Add policy on using all lower case in names, titles, templates, etc.
    • This is all letters beyond the initial
  • How to use namespace, templates
    • substitute v. transclude
      • Must save page first?
  • FAS - suggested account naming practices
  • Page on using the API