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See the top-level FUDCon:Zurich_2010 and the corresponding planning pages.
  • Estimated Budget/Estimated Costs is only a reminder for the organizators.
  • Balance is the overview over granted money and the final amount

Estimated Budget

Budget comes from multiple sources:

The total cost of this FUDCon cannot exceed the sum of the above budgets.

Estimated Costs

Cost calculation below is using a swag cutoff limit of 120 persons.


Possibly covered by some ETH Zurich internal budget.

  • Rooms: free of charge
  • Furniture: free of charge
  • Internet: free of charge
  • Cleanup: CHF 500 (estimate; 50% paid by FrOSCamp)
  • Building Management: CHF 500-1000 (estimate; 50% paid by FrOSCamp)


  • T-shirts: CHF 2'200 (estimated)
  • Badges: TBD
  • Other: TBD


  • Food & one soft drink/beer: CHF 3'000-3'600 (estimated)

Other Food

  • TBD


  • Travel: TBD
  • Accommodation: CHF 700 (Zivilschutzbunker)


While the above are only estimates, the numbers below are actually granted amounts.

What Granted Final Comment
Community Architecture USD +20'000 USD +20'000 Confirmed by mspevack
FUDCon T-Shirts x120 EUR -1'483.22 invoice from SantaFeTex sent to RH Munich (as agreed by mspevack with jsimon)
Funding: Accommodation x90 CHF -700 Blast-proof bunker
Funding: Omar Cherif CHF -545 USD -506.49
Funding: Zoltan Hoppar EUR -120
Funding: Bert Desmet EUR -210
TOTAL USD ~+16'330 USD +19'493.51
  • Granted amount: in the local currency of the place where the costs originate
  • Final amount: in the currency of the budget this is paid with