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* [[Artwork/T-Shirt|  T-Shirt Design]]  - T-Shirt graphics created for general use, various events and do-yourself printing.
* [[Artwork/T-Shirt|  T-Shirt Design]]  - T-Shirt graphics created for general use, various events and do-yourself printing.
* [[Artwork/Gallery| Media Gallery]] - Raw materials created by the art team for use in Fedora collateral. Photos, illustrations, and more.
* [[Artwork/Gallery| Media Gallery]] - Raw materials created by the art team for use in Fedora collateral. Photos, illustrations, and more.
== Long-Term Projects ==
The artTeam also has a number of long-term projects it is working on:
* '''[[Artwork/ArtTeamProjects/FedoraArtStudio|  Fedora Art Studio Spin]] '''
* '''[[Artwork/ArtTeamProjects|  Alternative Themes]] ''' - If you are interesting in getting alternative themes to change the look of your Fedora installation, creating new alternative themes to change the look of Fedora, or working on the technical aspects of theming, you may be interested in following or even joining this project. The goals of this project are:
** the crafting of individual themes for changing the look of Fedora
** working to make it possible to make these alternatives drop-in replacements
** working on an RSS-based wallpaper changing system
* '''Customization made easy''' - A project focused on:
** producing documentation on how to customize the artwork in Fedora for Fedora redistributors and other themers.
* '''Free and Open Source Creative Tools - Promotion & Marketing''' - Fedora is a free and open source project, and there are a number of creative tools that are part of it. Because we believe in Fedora, we use the tools provided in Fedora. These project involves:
** providing help/tutorials/advice in the use of the FOSS creative tools in Fedora
** working to promote the usage of FOSS creative tools and advocating the usage of Fedora (and/or any FOSS software) to creative people outside the FOSS world
* '''Upstream Icon SVG+CSS integration with GNOME Art / Tango teams''' - see []  for more details.
* '''[[Artwork/Communication|  Communication/Marketing]] ''' - this project involves making it easier for artists to share their Fedora-related wallpapers and artworks. Some goals of this team:
** The deployment / maintenance of a system like for Fedora;
** Setting up an art-team planet for artists to post their feeds of artwork and discuss their current projects and plans
** Expanding the Fedora Art Mugshot group
** A designalogue-like ( system where we can comment on and track the family tree of the stuff we work on.
* '''Fedora Games SIG Artwork''' - interested in developing artwork for some of the games in Fedora? This is a good project to start out with.
* '''[[Artwork/EchoCursors | EchoCursors]] ''' - This project aims to create new cursor theme for future releases of Fedora, replacing the aging Blucurve cursors.
* '''[[Artwork/CSSGuidelines|  CSS Guidelines]] ''' - This project maintains the guidelines for creating web pages utilizing the look and feel of the [ Fedora style sheets] .
= For Contributors =
= For Contributors =

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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png
The artTeam is the design group of the Fedora project. Our interests are not only in creating graphics for use by the Fedora community, but also in advocating the use of the creative tools that are a part of Fedora.


artTeam Lead

The primary communication channel for the fedora-art team is the mailing list.

For faster feedback, many active members of the artTeam also hang out in IRC at #fedora-art on

See the communicate page for all the details on how the artTeam communicate.


Here are some of the art-related resources for the general Fedora Community:

  • Fedora Logo - Information about the Fedora logo, including usage guidelines and how to get the source artwork.
  • MarketingCollateral - This page features banners, posters, etc. - artwork for practical physical application.
  • PromoBanners - Promo Banners and their sources, used for the banner system. Please feel free to use these in order to promote Fedora on your own site or blog.
  • Widgets - All websites and user interfaces are full of widgets, such as buttons, banners and captions. Submit your Fedora-specific widgets here.
  • Theming Overview - Documentation on how to theme the way Fedora looks.
  • Bluecurve Icon Theme - the Bluecurve icon theme has historically been Fedora's icon theme, and the artwork is GPL and the SVG source artwork is available for it, making it a great graphics resource.
  • Echo Icon Theme - A new icon theme aiming to replace Bluecurve for Fedora.
  • MediaArt - Fedora CD/DVD Media Artwork
  • SoC Posters - Google summer of code posters
  • T-Shirt Design - T-Shirt graphics created for general use, various events and do-yourself printing.
  • Media Gallery - Raw materials created by the art team for use in Fedora collateral. Photos, illustrations, and more.

For Contributors

Fedora Artwork Guidelines

There are basic rules and guidelines that all artwork in Fedora must follow. We have outlined many of them below. Other rules may also apply:

  • Submissions should be made in formats that can be read by software available in Fedora Package Collection. Preferred image formats include SVG and PNG. Preferred sound formats include WAV, FLAC and OGG Vorbis. Master files, which may be further edited, should be maintained in non-lossy formats. Preserving vector graphics, raster layers and channels is important for such materials.
  • No Fedora artwork should contain hats, particularly fedoras. This is a matter of respect for our biggest sponsor, Red Hat, Inc., and is not negotiable. Of course, passive appearance of hats, such as those upon heads in a crowd, may be tolerable.
  • All contributions must be covered by the Contributor License Agreement . We cannot accept contributions from individuals who have not signed the CLA in the Fedora Account System . The CLA allows us to properly license artwork submissions for distribution with Fedora and other Fedora projects.
  • Submissions must respect artwork licensing. If your submissions consist of artwork created by other people, please make sure the license of the original work you incorporate is compatible with Fedora and that you are not violating any of the provisions of its license. Just because a work is licensed with a Creative Commons license does not mean it is free to use (make sure you provide attribution to artists that license their work with a CC Attribution clause.)
  • No version numbers. End users might prefer to continue to use an older theme, or use the latest theme in their older version of Fedora. To enable that choice, do not use any version numbers within the Fedora artwork.
  • No text in wallpapers No words should be used in the wallpapers. They are not easily translatable and we want Fedora to be used globally and the themes to be used by derivative distributions too without extensive changes.

How to Join

While filing bug reports and providing feedback is extremely valuable, we also need help with our active projects. If you would like to contribute, please complete the following steps:

First Steps

  1. Join the mailing list .
  2. Send an introduction to the mailing list, talking about your art/design experience and interests so we'll know what kinds of design tasks you might be interested in helping out with.
  3. Sign up in the Fedora Account System . You will need an account when signing up for tasks for the Design Service in step 4.
  4. Complete the CLA through the Account System . This will ensure that the contributions you make on the next step are properly licensed!
  5. Complete a small design task such as one at the design service queue or email the design-team mailing list to be assigned a task.
  6. Once you've completed an initial draft of your design task, submit it to the design-team list for feedback. Once the task has been completed and approved, proceed to the steps below.

Final Steps

Once you've completed the steps above, follow this next set of steps to join the Fedora design group in the account system:

  1. Request membership into the 'designteam' group in the Fedora Account System on the design team mailing list.
  2. Add yourself to the Contributors list .

After you have completed these steps, you can begin contributing to a project as a full member of the design team. Most submissions are posted to the wiki or through CVS. Questions may be asked and suggestions offered by submitting them to the IRC or list server.

You can also visit #fedora-design or #fedora-websites on freenode to ask for help.