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Guiding Principle

The artTeam will promote Fedora to a wider audience.


Our interests are not only in creating graphics for use by the Fedora community, but also in advocating the use of creative tools included with Fedora.

Goals & Objectives

1.0 Goal

Enable users of Fedora to enhance its visual appearance to meet their need or desire.

1.1 Objective

The artTeam will craft wiki pages describing how to customize the appearance of Fedora. These pages will include customization how-to's as well as identify available art work packages.

1.2 Objective

The artTeam will engage in the efforts of upstream art projects and recommend packages to be included in Fedora.

1.3 Objective

The artTeam will facilitate the exchange of art in order to promote Fedora and Open Source Software.

2.0 Goal

Serve as a resource to the Fedora community by crafting designs, creating artwork, and providing leadership in the visual presentation of Fedora.

2.1 Objective

Assist the infrastructure team in the design of wiki pages.

2.2 Objective

Assist the documentation team in the design of web pages.

2.3 Objective

Assist the marketing team in the design of marketing materials such as CD/DVD cases, pamphlet's, and logo merchandise.

3.0 Goal

Enhance the appeal of Fedora by offering a variety of themes.

3.1 Objective

Identify popular upstream projects to be included in Fedora and facilitate the manufacture of packages.

3.2 Objective

Participate in upstream projects as members of the Fedora community.

4.0 Goal

Encourage the use and showcase the value of open source products in the creation of art.

4.1 Objective

Offer informative instructional materials on the use of Open Source graphic tools in general and with Fedora specifically.

4.2 Objective

Encourage artist to label their work with the Open Source tool used to create them.

5.0 Goal

All are welcomed, encourage others to join.

5.1 Objective

Organize the team and the wiki in a manner to invite membership.

5.2 Objective

Conduct community business with Open Source values.

Love - Treat others as you would like to be treated
Integrity - Wanting only the best for the community
Excellence - Your best try
Inclusion - All are welcomed, encourage others to join
Teamwork - Share the effort