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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png

Under development

Red Hat Graphical Boot

Remixed Artwork

File:Artwork ArtTeamProjects Fedora7Remix Rhgb RhgbMockup.png

The above is the completed presentation of the remixed RHGB theme. The progress window is more glass like and the throbber changed to a gradient style. The balloon artwork was retained with only a minor enhancement.

The fedora branding^4^ was removed from the lower right as its presence did __not__ add balance to the overall visual appearance.

Current Artwork

File:Artwork ArtTeamProjects Fedora7Remix Rhgb RhgbWikiScreenShot.png

Working the Remix

1. Main Logo 2. Progress Window 3. Throbber Animation 4. System Logo 5. Screen Background ^1^

~-1. The background color of the screen is #001b52.-~

Install all Changes
  1. Download the following files
  2. Open a terminal session and login as root
    • ie. $ su <return>
  3. Navigate to the folder containing the above files
    • ie. # cd myDownloads
  4. Execute script
  5. Respond <y> when asked "Proceed y/N?"
    • ie. Proceed y/N? y <return>
  6. Close terminal window when script is done
    • ie. "All done ..."

Reboot your computer to view the changes.

A comment about the artwork and scripts:

I make many revisions to an effort before I am satisfied with the desired result so I created install scripts. The additional advantage of the scripts are they make copies of the original artwork providing the possibility of an "undo".

The scripts and the artwork are completely optional as the goal of the exercise is not to modify Fedora 7 to meet my expectations but to modify it to meet yours.