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The artTeam is organized as a group of loosely coupled sub projects under the direction of the team lead. The scope of projects are classified as short or long term and are organized as such on this page.

Short Term Que

Web Graphic Design or Interaction Design

User Image Submissions {GDM Face Browser} * Closed *

With the implementation of the Face-browser login^1^ and Fast User Switching in Fedora 7, a good set of User Images will add polish to the user experience. It is obvious that some of the existing User Images (located at /user/share/pixmaps/faces) would benefit from an update. Thus, if you are interested in submitting images, or suggestions of what you would like to see, for one of the 24 default images, please contribute.

Customization Made Easy

Customize Fedora 7 Artwork

An artTeam how-to series on creating and installing customized Fedora 7 GRUB, RHGB, and GDM Login artwork.

FOSS Tools Made Easy

  • Project Lead: NicuBuculei
  • Wiki Page: OpenPalette
  • Description:

An artTeam instructional series on using Inkscape.

Long Term Queue

Alternate Themes

Plug & play RPM themes packages of which contain artwork and icons.

Other Pages of Interest

Reference: Goals & Objectives