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[[Image:Artwork_F10Themes_Binary_threads.svg]] Source SVG]
[[Image:Artwork_F10Themes_Binary_threads.svg]] Source SVG]

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[edit] Binary

[edit] Concept

Everything in the computer breaks down into binary 1 and 0 symbols. Whether it is art, code or text, the very atomic building blocks are always the same. Yet their arrangement forms structures of greater beauty that the sum of their parts. The theme attempts to present (on a microscopic level) the formation of something large and complex from components that are very simple.

The svg files are automatically generated using a File:Artwork F10Themes Binary perl script] .

[edit] Round 1

[edit] Grid

Artwork F10Themes Binary grid1.png

File:Artwork F10Themes Binary grid1.svg Source SVG]

Artwork F10Themes Binary grid animated.gif

[edit] Spiral

Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral0.png File:Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral0.svg Source SVG]

Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral50.png File:Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral50.svg Source SVG]

Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral100.png File:Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral100.svg Source SVG]

Artwork F10Themes Binary spiral animated.gif

[edit] Galaxy

Artwork F10Themes Binary galaxy.png File:Artwork F10Themes Binary galaxy.svg Source SVG]

Artwork F10Themes Binary galaxy colourful.png File:Artwork F10Themes Binary galaxy colourful.svg Source SVG]

[edit] Threads

Artwork F10Themes Binary threads.png File:Artwork F10Themes Binary threads.svg Source SVG]