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We need your help to create the look and style of the Fedora 10 release! We are following a 3 round process for the base theme artwork, with additional milestones involved in the F10 release as well. Read on to learn more about how you can help.

Fedora 10 Theme Voting Results

Theme name Number of votes
Solar 48
InvinXble 23
Gears 17
Neon 5

A total of 56 points were possible for each theme.

Base Theme Milestones

  • Round 1: Brainstorm and gather a list of potential concepts for a theme. Deadline: Mon Jul 21 2008
  • Round 2: Visually refine the concepts gathered in round 1. For this round a theme must contain at least a wallpaper draft, and 3 supporting artwork: one vertically long, one horizontally long and a square one. Deadline: Mon Sep 01 2008
  • Round 3: Out of the themes that are left (if a single one doesn't emerge as the most evolved at this point), discuss and determine which would be best. If still undecided, continue evolving the themes that are left visually while developing a full suite of artwork ([1] has a pretty comprehensive list. If a single one still doesn't emerge, continue to discuss and try to single one out. Deadline: passed

Full 10 Artwork Schedule


Round 3 Submissions

Round 2 Submissions

How to Play

Here are the steps to submit an F10 theme submission:

Come up with an awesome concept for the Fedora 10 artwork.

For inspiration, consider the goals and themes of Fedora as an operating system - infinity, freedom, and voice are the main concepts expressed in the Fedora logo, for example. You can find some more inspiration in this article on the differences between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora . A key phrase from that article: "Fedora fosters rapid open source development and innovation."

Here's an important guideline for the theme concepts: No release numbers! So keep this in mind as well as you brainstorm ideas.

Create a wiki page for your theme

You'll need:

  • a name for your theme
  • some intial sketches
  • a write-up/explanation of the concept
  • wiki access (sign the Fedora CLA! )

The name doesn't have to be perfect, and you can always change it later. But we need to refer to your theme by something. You don't need spend too much time on your sketches; we'll focus on the concept first and then worry about the rendering! Also, for you non-artists out there - you may also submit artwork folks other than yourself have made for consideration, if you get their permission and the artwork is openly-licensed (if you are not sure please check!) and they are willing to sign the Fedora CLA .

Write this all up in a page right here on the wiki, and add it to the "List of Submissions" section below. Please do not ask a friend to upload it for you - you must sign the Fedora CLA before we can accept your artwork for potential inclusion in Fedora.

The wiki page's name should be in the format: F10Themes/ProposalNameOfTheme. For example, "F10Finite"

Formally propose your theme submission on fedora-art-list

When your theme's wiki page is ready, send a proposal to fedora-art-list using the following email subject format:

[F10 theme proposal] (name of theme) Round 1

For example: "F10 theme proposal Fedora Finite Round 1"